Jean-Christophe Verweij AKA Lewski is a young Dutch DJ and producer currently studying at the Herman Brood Academy in Utrecht. His debut, Gru is the third EP to be released on the relatively new label, Patron Records, which has previously put out EPs from the likes of De Sluwe Vos, who curates the label, and ENNIO. The name of the label reflects their aim to be a patron that protects and benefits the arts. Although based in Amsterdam, they intend to build an international repertoire of artists, which brought them to the German producer ENNIO.

The EP is full of bouncing synths that oscillate frantically over solid drum programming. This is clear from the opening track of the EP, “Gru”, a frantic electro jam that features eerie synths that build and distort, and tight, tinny, beats that are perfect for the floor. On “Larval Low Intelligence” and “Ichtyolatry”, the acid house influence takes over, as synths squelch and reverberate. “Larval Low Intelligence” appears to be intended for the dancefloor, much like “Gru”, whereas “Ichtyolatry” provides tense refuge in a foreign dimension. Lewski’s distinct electro influence bleeds its way back into the picture to round the EP off, as “Occultation” bounces, ticks and bleeps like so many Detroit records that came before it.

Admittedly, as debuts go, this EP is relatively diverse with many fine moments. It has already received positive feedback from the likes of Ben UFO and Or:la. However, at times it does feel a little lacklustre. Overall, the debut provides us with insight into the potential of this young producer, and as time passes it will be interesting to hear how his sound unfolds.