Janeret: Free Entry: Distrikt Bar

In dance music, fads and hypes come and go on a day-to-day basis. There is a greater abundance of top quality DJs than ever before and in a place like Leeds there will be someone decent playing on your doorstep around five to six times per week. So for many of us, planning a night has become more about finding the best possible atmosphere with like-minded music lovers – something not as easy to find in a time and place when toe-dipping is more common than ever.

Everything about Distrikt – from its choice of music, to the way it is marketed, seems to be geared towards creating such an atmosphere. Amid turbulence of the electronic music scene, Distrikt keeps its head down and its nose clean; an intimate venue, free entry and a single top notch DJ per night. The only thing required of you is musical knowledge such that you actually want to be there and see someone who is slightly under the radar.

Janeret hails from Paris – one of the landmarks in the history of house music – and he owns the Yoyaku record store which is a worldwide hotspot for all things minimal and vinyl. He is in demand across the globe and his sets are an irresistible blend of dancefloor focused minimal, hypnotic deep techno and all the weird and wonderful surprises that record stores and crate-digging bring about. His productions – thickly layered yet infectiously groovy – epitomise today’s Parisian house scene.

Adding to the excitement is Distrikt’s all new Martin Audio sound system. It was a treat for their recent 8th birthday and it irons out what was, for many people, the only bug-bear with the venue – lacking high quality sound. This improvement will be especially appreciable when someone slightly punchier like Janeret is behind the decks.