5 mixes for lockdown: up-and-comers

With all the free time on everyone’s hands and the ever present craving for escapism, the Flux team brings you five mixes from names you probably haven’t yet heard of, but are worth dedicating some listening time to during lockdown. Let the music set you free.

‘Originally hailing from Madrid, DJ and producer Keepin’ Soul’s style is rooted in 90s New York House, deep and garage. In 2016, he began releasing his own music on labels such as Snazzy Trax and Pocket Money, followed by several tracks and remixes on labels including Rawsome, Hustler Trax and Copie Blanche. Following his 2019 EP “Valencia and You” on Traxx Underground, he started to make his mark internationally as a producer. Since then, Keepin’ Soul has released a mini EP on bandcamp and often collaborates with “Chineurs de Madrid” on their podcast.

Hyperdub newcomber Loraine James has made ripples in the experimental UK club circuit since her 2019 glitch-pop LP For You and I. Medling grime, dub and ambient soundscapes, her sounds are detailed love letters to the London underground scene. Her mix for International Woman’s Day is a radiant blend of lo-fi, pop and techno textures from some of the most inspiring female producers. Not one to be left to slip through the cracks.

Equaliser’s mix series consistently provides a platform for upcoming DJs. Equaliser is a Leeds-based DJ collective that has carved out a crucially important space for cis-women, trans women, non-binary and trans people. The eleventh edition of their  series comes from Sable Radio host Babyschön, with a mix entitled “Badlands”. Pitched to a hypnotically chugging tempo, Badlands explores a range of EBM and new-wave influenced sounds. Babyschön’s expertly curates a seedy, neon-tinted mood, while keeping an eye on the dancefloor, marking her out as a compelling DJ to follow.

London-based DJ Soraya is the founder of Truants, a meticulously curated blog that has had its finger on the pulse of the electronic music scene throughout the past decade. Her reputation as a DJ is flourishing, with gigs in London, Berlin and Morocco over the past 12 months. She recorded her recent contribution to Dummy’s mix series while going through a period of self-isolation. Drawing on a number of techno-adjacent sounds, this session channels the restless energy of quarantine into a cathartic release.

David Elimelech has brought his house-infused sets to some of the finest clubs in his hometown Tel Aviv, as well as multiple appearances at Panorama Bar in Berlin where he now resides. The mix is full of tracks geared for the dance floor, but while those are closed and our humble abodes will have to suffice, this selection is guaranteed to inject some much-needed groove into your bedroom.