Addison Groove – Dance Trax, Vol. 17


Addison Groove (Anthony Williams) and Bim Sanga (Sam ‘Binga’ Simpson) combine again to unveil their latest EP: Dance Trax, Vol. 17. Stylistically it is a deep house record but there are also elements of UK garage and acid house. Having released singles on labels Tempa and Tectonic, the tone changes slightly with the Unknown to the Unknown imprint, moving away from the heavy dub he produced under the alias Headhunter and towards more euphoric deep house club cuts.

The EP starts without fanfare, the first two tracks “D Question” and “Seven of Nine” are hard-hitting, with frequent drum kicks and sharp vocal samples. The mood shifts slightly in the third track “Bashton Valed”, beginning with an eerie synth build up, featuring enigmatic vocal loops that fade in and out. The song is trance-like, much like another Groove EP called Work It/Sexual. “Work It” is particularly characterised by its frenetic drum loops typical of the acid house genre. The fourth track “Tanga Toll” is a playful mix of short burst sounds with biting snares, drums and chimes providing an electric tempo. It ends with the “Seven Of Nine” garage remix by Lrusse. Lrusse moves from brooding, heavy organs to snapping snares and chopped vocals. The dark tone of the track matches the style of Lena Willikens, whose spooky song “Asphalt Kobold” similarly features an organ that gradually gathers a palpable tension in her EP Phantom Delia.

The EP is strong, with well-executed genre-mixing to achieve a pumping dance record that is simultaneously moody and upbeat. It is absent from monotony, each track is nuanced and subtly different from the last while maintaining a consistent style. The discordant sounds are jarring yet contribute to a harmonious whole; the EP is bass heavy but never laborious.