An interview with Antal

As head honcho of Rush Hour Records, a label that epitomises the Amsterdam music scene, you can imagine that Antal is a busy man during ADE.

Having just suffered a surprise loss to Dekmantel in the Resident Advisor Cup Final Antal was set to head back to the Rush Hour store, family in tow, when I approached him for a chat. Given that this was yet another thing now on his to do list he was very generous with his time.

Speaking to him I realised that his approach to ADE was actually much more relaxed than expected (considering he had an hourly rotation of DJs ranging from Little Louie Vega to San Proper going through his store, was hosting De School on the Friday as well as the Football tournament and the interviews it entailed), maybe this too was the Amsterdam approach.

I’m here with Antal, who has not quite won the RA cup today. How’re you feeling?

Hahaha, devastated!

So I guess you’re very busy at the moment with ADE?

Ah, it’s alright.

What kind of stuff have you been up to?

I’ve been doing a lot of things in-store. We’ve had a lot of people playing like Recloose, San Proper, Moon B.

Are you holding any nights this week?

Yes, Friday here at De School.

Oh nice, I plan on turning up at some point. Is it running all weekend?

Ah no. Friday is from eleven until nine. Then they stop then on Saturday they start again until Sunday.

Ah I thought it started on Friday night and ran all the way through until Sunday morning. So has ADE been stressful for you?

No, not at all. I mean you can do a lot of things, or you can just make it doable and enjoyable for yourself. That’s what I did last year. I don’t feel the need to play ten parties and be at all the other parties. I just enjoy every minute, at an easy pace.

Yeah I definitely feel a sense of waking up in the morning and being like, shit there’s so many events I need to cover.

Yeah, well I think if you’re OK with missing stuff then I think you can do it nicely.

Yeah I feel like you can make of it what you want. So who have you got playing on Friday?

On Friday in the night, it’s Interstellar Funk, Bobby Birdman, Hunee, Young Marco, and myself.

Nice. Yeah we had Young Marco play at Flux I think not so long ago. And of course you’ve played as well.

Yeah I played twice, once in London on the East side, two years ago or something like that. And one time in Leeds.

What did you make of Leeds?

Leeds was fun, very dark basement vibes.

How does it feel to play in the UK to Holland? Is it very different?

Ah, sometimes [it’s different] it depends on the night. It’s not necessarily different.

I find the Dutch are more mature about raving, they’re more sensible, and the English get a lot more wasted.

Ah maybe! But that can also be nice environment.