Adryiano – Dreams With


Adryiano Richter, aka Adryiano, comes to the fore with his second EP of 2018, Dreams With. The producer from Cologne, having released Me You and Her earlier this year on Heist Recordings, drops Dreams With on Shall Not Fade. The Bristol imprint boasts an array of talent from DJ Boring to Mall Grab, and Adyriano adds to this impressive list. Whilst paying homage to their idiosyncratic lo-fi sound, Dreams With delves into a groovier sound than previous, crunchy Adryiano releases.

The EP’s opener “Got U Lovin” bursts into life straight away with high-energy woodwind sounds, with familiar saturated drum kicks laying the foundations of the track. However, despite following on similar lines to the format of his 2013 smash hit “On My Side“, the track lacks diversity and relies heavily on a high-pass filter, subsequently becoming more of a filler than a roller. “All Damn Nite” is somewhat similar, though with smoother layering and the inclusion of an atmospheric vocal, there is distinctly more character to it than the leading record. The title-track “Dreams With” follows the same pattern, although, with the addition of a few piano stabs, it has a more summery-vibe than previous records.

Whilst this whole EP gives off the classic, murky lo-fi vibe, Adryiano’s use of a more low-key atmosphere in his third track “Wanna Give U” should be commended. Its tape-deck style is the perfect travel companion on long, winding journeys through cityscapes at night, with its revolving synths providing a sense of deep nostalgia. It’s arguably the peak of the EP, as it exudes rich emotion through subtle modulations.

On the whole, this EP is pleasant and cheerful, and the inclusion of the more introspective “Wanna Give U” is a good indication of Adryiano’s talent. Despite this, it unfortunately lacks the touch of gold that previous releases – both from himself and elsewhere on Shall Not Fade – have had in the past.