Alphonse – Better Weather


Just out on Hypercolour, this gospel-tech imagining from the elusive Alphonse delivers a mixed bag of sentiments. Soulful chords glide across animated, expressive MPC-laden beats in the original cut – the most dancefloor-centric of the three. Etched throughout are the gospel offerings of Rev Be, reshaped across the release to abstract effect. The London-based figure demonstrates some strong synth-work here too – Chicago-style strings rise as bird-tweets echo and dissipate.

Unfortunately, Rev Be’s original vocal leaves a little to be desired – it’s as if it doesn’t always fit during the verses – like it’s competing with the energy of Alphonse’s workings. That said, in some sections they do sit nicely, with a peculiar live-ness that’ll shine through on those overcast festival afternoons – providing hope for a few rays – the Rev beckoning the sun.

The “Phazed Version” is certainly a welcome alternative by the close of the first however, before its tripped-out tones grow a little tiresome – the vocal still struggling to fit in. The crunchy maraudings of the “Abyss…” make for this single’s finest arrangement for me – stealing the limelight comfortably with a jam that’s easy to get lost in – everything finally falling into place.

Although these aren’t the enigma’s greatest offerings, they’re still a fine addition to his diverse and growing catalogue of beats, and certainly worth having at your disposal for the coming summer months.