Alter presents Mathew Jonson (Live) and Efdemin at Mint Club

The team at Alter are Leeds’ new techno powerhouse. As well as running the night (a celebration of the more twisted, mind expanding sounds in the genre) they run the Transit label. It’s had four releases in just over a year, showcasing some rugged yet psychedelic techno for pitch black rooms and introspection. Lo Shea, Kowton and Roman Flugel all featured on Transit wax. Clearly, the guys are heavily influenced by Germanic electronic sounds, which goes some way to explaining the thought behind their next night at Mint Club.

Two Berliner figureheads will be added to the small but stunning roster of artists to have played Alter: Tin Man, Oliver Ho, Matt Walsh and, this Friday, Mathew Jonson and Efdemin will pack their darkest, trippiest material for a night of third-eye-opening sound.

Mathew Jonson is one of the world’s finest producers, making extended rollers for dark dancefloors and a more soulful, stranger brand of techno with Cobblestone Jazz. Since 2001, he has been mostly releasing music on Itiswhatitis Recordings (of which he took over the running in 2012) and Wagon Repair which he co-founded in 2004. His trademark is an expansive sound forged through a gossamer-like intricacy. It’s a style that could only be achieved by a classically trained musician. In the club, his tracks develop a deep, symphonic groove, making him a surefire Berlin favourite over the last ten years, and a master of the live set (a style of performance that Alter are committed¬†to exhibit).

Efdemin (Phillip Sollmann) is even more closely associated with Berlin due to his strong links with the Ostgut crowd. He has been releasing dark, dreamy house and dub techno on Dial records for just over ten years. He’s a renaissance man of all things dance music, taking inspiration from Detroit and Chicago, and helping to define the Berlin sound with his LPs, EPs and DJ sets. In a similar vein to Jonson, he approaches music from a composer’s perspective, adding careful calculation and an intellectuality to his beats. That’s not to say that he can’t get a party started, though.

Joining them will be the excellent local producer Ste Roberts (Hypercolour), who makes absolutely bona-fide bangers, and Alter resident and co-founder Animist (Nick Collins).

2nd release tickets are still on sale at £12. Check the event page here.