An interview with Ben Pearce

Usually within about one minute of meeting someone I let slip that I am a very important person who runs a music site called Flux Music… the bored response is usually; “Oh really? So what’s is your favourite song then?” …

I find this a particularly difficult question to answer. Thanks to the Flux Music, I am constantly inundated with choice musical morsels, which means my favourite song basically changes daily!

If the inquisitor was instead to ask; “What song do you listen to the most?” … I would have my answer straight away; “What I Might Do

The artist responsible for this incredibly infectious tune is Manchester based Ben Pearce, an established DJ and emerging artist with enormous potential. After a successful few years promoting and running an event in Manchester, Ben has moved to focusing on production, and is now running the soon to be huge Purp&Soul (a record label/DJ agency) alongside the founder Chris Farnworth.

Talk to me about Purp&Soul… Why did you set it up? Who else is involved?

It was set up by Chris Farnworth, who has run it since August 2011 as a music blog, gaining support worldwide from DJs and fans. I came on-board early this year to instigate the record label, agency and as an artist.

How did you guys meet?

It was like everyone these days, online, through Facebook. We got talking and met up for a chat a few times!

Does your label lean towards wax releases? Are you about exclusivity (limited runs etc…) or will you be strictly digital?

For now we’re sticking with digital. We’ve done a couple of free EP’s for download through the website, which have been met with a great response. There are certainly plans for limited wax further down the line!

Our first release is coming in May. Mark Wells EP with an awesome remix from Miguel Puente. The second release comes from Dan Styles with remixes from Climbers, Made To Move & Memo Insua. You can also expect future releases from artists such as; Luis Carrasco, Matt Fear, Clinton Houlker, Diego Moreno and myself!

Is vinyl a medium you use?

Yes, I am a big fan!

What is it about wax that appeals to you?

It’s difficult to talk about this without using cliches, but it’s the raw organic way you get the music, you can hear the track with just the needle. The whole process of going to a record shop to look around is therapeutic and you really feel rewarded when you come out with some great finds. It’s where it all came from and it’s a good thing it’s on the rise!

Is that where you find your music… do you spend your weekends in dusty record shops? Or are you an active blogosphere crawler?

When I’m at home I’m mostly working on music. Crawling through blogs is great but sometimes it’s hard to find the time, there are also some great groups on Facebook where people post music up. I also have to give my girlfriend some credit, she finds me so many amazing songs.

I also get a lot from record shops, but I have to be careful otherwise I won’t be able to afford food for the month!

So how long have you and EDM shared a bed?

I’d say about 3 and half years now.

How did you get into the scene?

Just from going out in Manchester. I was into bands growing up, going to rock/metal clubs before I was slowly introduced to electronic music … started promoting for some nights and got lent my first pair of turntables.

Do you remember the specific moment when you knew you were hooked?

Hard to pin down. Most likely a narcotic fueled swirl of fists in the air and sweat down your face moments before a tune dropped.

A casual weekend out then…

You could say that 🙂

Do you strive to have the newest tunes at your fingertips… or do you like to play the past?

Neither really… The new tunes are great, but there does seem to be a fashion lately for “who can play the latest unreleased tracks!” If the music is good then that’s good enough for me… But I must admit, sometimes I get sent tracks that i just can’t resist giving a spin!

Yeah I am a sucker for exclusivity… I like to play stuff no-one in the room will have heard!

It’s a nice feeling, but at the same time, people do like to hear a few familiars. If anyone ever asks me what a particular track is, i’ll always take time to tell them or text it into their phone. I don’t agree with hiding music from people!

But how do you feel about people making requests

Sometimes there are genuinely inspiring requests! And of course there are some bad ones, like when someone recently requested I play one of my own tracks … but yeah, requests are sometimes a DJ’s worst nightmare, especially the people who keep coming back and asking for the same track for their best friend’s sister’s birthday or whatever.

Why do you produce?

Just something I got into, slowly showing myself the ropes. To have the feeling that people dance or like something you’ve made, is indescribable and then to have other DJs supporting and playing your music … it’s insane!

Particularly if that DJ is someone like Solomun?

Well yeah, I still have to pinch myself about that one. To hear he’s been playing it in Fabric, Panorama and all over the world. I still don’t believe it sometimes!

Got to be honest mate… I am not surprised, my co-writer showed me”What I Might Do” when you had less than 100 plays and I knew that It would be huge!

I was so hyped when it got signed to “Under The Shade,” cause I have always loved that label!

I have to know…. where did you get that vocal sample from?

Ahh. now that would be telling. I’ll admit, again It was my girlfriend who suggested the track. It’s a song off an old movie soundtrack…

So what sort of offers have you been receiving?

Purp&Soul is gaining a great reputation and we’ve been doing a few showcases that have gone really well. Personally, I have some remixes forthcoming … with one coming out 21st March on “Under The Shade.

What are your plans for this year? Any festival bookings? Any more showcases?

Got a few gigs lining up in Russia, Gibraltar, Norway and hopefully some more showcases. We’re making contact with some people now about them, especially after Nottingham sold out!

I see you are playing Easter Sunday at Islington Mill, very tempted to come along!

Yeah with Theo Parrish, Subb-an and Wolf Music … that’s a party I’m running with the Stretford Dogs Club, Ollie and John. It’s a slightly different concept where we have members who get to vote on different aspects of where the night takes place and who plays!

What is your most handled record?

Vinyl –

Disco Music – Klic

[audio:|titles=Disco Music|artists=Klic]

Digital –

Which artists are pushing your buttons at the moment

So, so many to list… Solomun, Daniel Bortz, David August, Disclosure, Scuba and Voices of Black, they are amazing me all the time! Then my own boys Mark and Joel are making some amazing music that I always love to play!

You are allowed to remix one artist before you hang up your headphones for good… who would it be?

Pffffft … Kraak & Smaak I think, just because they are so versatile!

You find yourself in Shawshank prison … the warden has given you an insane level of trust which has culminated in you pulling a Dufresne, locking yourself in the wardens office and selecting a record to play to all the other inmates … what is it?

Surfin Bird – The Trashmen

[audio:|titles=Surfin Bird|artists=The Trashmen] Ben has been kind enough to give away lots of free stuff for your listening pleasure … you can go check out his other productions/ become a fan here

Free EP from Purp&Soul

Get Static – Jouhl (Free .wav Download)

[audio:|titles=Get Static|artists=Jouhl]

In The Corner – Jouhl (Free .wav Download)

[audio:|titles=In The Corner|artists=Jouhl]

In The Corner (Ben Pearce Remix) – Jouhl (Free .wav Download)

[audio:|titles=In The Corner (Ben Pearce Remix)|artists=Jouhl]

Patticakes (Original Mix) – Ben Pearce (Flux Music Exclusive – Free 320 kbps Download)

[audio:|titles=Patticakes (Original Mix)|artists=Ben Pearce]

Captain Casanova (Original Mix) – Ben Pearce (Free 320 kbps Download)

[audio:|titles=Captain Casanova (Original Mix)|artists=Ben Pearce]