An interview with Paramida

Paramida’s RA bio simply reads: “Berlin’s most hated”. But by all accounts she’s taken the city by storm, performing at a plethora of venues. With her incredible mass of curly hair and firey witticisms, she rallies against the mechanical, dark techno which has come to define Germany’s capital, curating a sound that is fraught with magnetic depth and colour.

A previous mainstay at OYE records, Paramida is famed for shrewd track selection. Although heavily influenced by euphoric Moroder-esque synth, her mixes smoothly cross genres, eras, and tempos. An enigmatic DJ who can breezily flit between Balearic gold, to funkadelic hip-hop and ambient dreamscape. Shazam in vain.

Paramida can regularly be found in such hallowed haunts as Berghain’s Panorama Bar, Frankfurt’s Robert Johnson and Croatia’s Garden / Love International Festival, as well as all over Europe, the US and Central America.

Established in 2014, her label  Love On The Rocks has signed the likes of Fantastic Man, Telephones and Khidja. Its latest release from April 2018 (“Shakuhachi” – Ghost Vision) is an Italo/Nu – Disco explosion.

Ahead of our party on Saturday, we caught up for an interview.

First of all, I heard you aren’t that keen on interviews so thanks so much for taking the time out to answer our Q’s! So where are you based these days?

In hell.

I’ve been listening to your Sound Cloud mixes on repeat, they are so bright and euphoric. Perfect for injecting some life, colour and groove to my grey British days. I’ve also noticed that you use a lot of female vocals and samples. Is this a conscious choice?

That’s really nice to hear. I guess it makes every DJ happy to hear something nice about their mixes. Regarding the female vocals, I guess It’s probably a more unconscious choice. I am aware of the fact that a lot of people might consider female vocals as “too cheesy” or “too much”. But I guess I just like anything female (not as a sexual choice). It’s just more about a way to embrace femaleness I guess.

You are well known for your eclectic “anything goes” taste. What would you say makes a “good” record?

I guess it’s about the “package”. A good record is a record for me, where I like every track on it and/or the combination of tracks makes total sense to me.

You seem to be rather critical of the Berlin scene. Both through your track selection which is alternative to a lot of the dominant music trends, but also vocally describing it as “boring, serious, masculine”. How important is it to you to be a provocateur and create change?

I don’t really think I’m a provocateur just because of my opinions. And it’s not like I hate Berlin. I actually love Berlin. I just don’t like hard music without any kind of soul or funk in it. That’s the easiest music you can play. And in the words of one of my favorite DJs Nick the Record: It takes balls to play cheesy music.

What would you say is the driving force behind your label Love On the Rocks? And what’s the inspiration for its namesake?

The driving force is my mental retardedness. Love On The Rocks mirrors my life and what’s happening, who’s around and what I’m currently into musically. I named the label after Lama’s “Love On The Rocks”, one of my favorite records ever.

I love the story about the set you played in Lithuania on the beach, where the booth was centre stage and the bass cut out (no one noticed because of a huge storm going on). Have you had any more special parties like that this year?

I could tell plenty of exciting DJ stories. I guess the best part of my life is that I get to travel all the world and I play mostly for small promoters with the right spirit. So a lot of parties end up to be totally unexpected and crazy. I definitely had some highlights this year, but it would be unfair to point out only one of it.

Do you have any future plans to produce? And if not, why?

Let’s see. Never say never 😉

You’ve said previously that you love to travel – your tour dates all across Europe, America and Asia are a testament to this. You also spent some time in Iran when you were younger. How would you say that your wanderings have influenced your music selection?

I get mostly inspired by people I meet or hear playing, which are mostly other DJs I play with at a party. And I can say one thing for sure: there are so many great DJs all over the world. And whenever I manage I try to check out record stores.

How do you balance managing your label, night and touring? It must all get quite hectic from time to time.

It really depends. But I always try to spend times where I have to wait (like at airports or on the planes) on work, like emails or label related stuff or preparing my sets. Anything is possible.

Are there any upcoming releases on Love on the Rocks you could tell us about?

Yes, there is Elles x Violet’s release “A Life Lived In Fear Is Like A Life Half Lived” coming out next week with remixes from Massimiliano Pagliara, Prins Emanuel, Kasra V and Etbonz. I’m pretty psyched about it. We have some great stuff lined up for next year, so you better watch out.