Andy Garvey – Complex Clarity


Following her successful 2019 EP Eternal Recurrence on Lobster Theremin, Andy Garvey releases Complex Clarity on the same label. Known for her experimental style rooted in electro and techno, the release takes us on an acidy, far-away journey through space and time.

Plunging us into a maze of ghostly acid lines and a thumping bass, “Red Stars” is a sci-fi groover, setting the tone for this dark, cosmic adventure. In contrast, “Mindgames” sweeps in with an urgent, punching beat, immersing us in a more spacey soundscape, with a distant synth and repetitive female voice, fading in and out. As the title suggests, “Mindgames” could evoke the idea of that voice inside your head which tirelessly torments.

“Subconscious” is a wonderful blend of layered melodic synths and a slower, but protruding bass, spiralling us through a starlit wonderland. Quickly pulling us out of this subconscious, “88808” picks up the pace, stomping in with a heavy bass, distant wobbling acid lines, and body-pumping drum machines: one to electrify the dancefloor.

More synonymous with Garvey’s work, “Complex Clarity” is marked by a conflicting concoction of jerky drum machines, gritty bass and robotic sounds, a surrealist track to round off the EP.

An extraterrestrial rollercoaster of bass, acid lines and alien-like sounds, “Complex Clarity” illustrates Garvey’s eclectic palette and technical skill as a producer. Not only does the EP serve as a break from the Coronavirus storm, but catapults us far away from this planet.