Att:que X The Cause w/ Dark Sky and Tom Demac

A new venue opening anywhere in the UK, but particularly in London in these uncertain times, is something to be celebrated.

The Cause can be found off the beaten track in Tottenham, and after a few preview parties over the past few months, the space is going to open its doors officially over this bank holiday weekend.

Of course, new venues take a while to get on clubbers’ radar, and particularly the most underground ones need the backing of music aficionados to pass on recommendations via word of mouth. The Cause are fortunate enough to have a head start in the form of RA endorsement, with a 2-minute glimpse into the development of the intimate dancing space racking up an impressive, yet unsurprising, 7000 views on YouTube to date.

Co-founder Stuart Glen explains the venue’s crowdfunded status and purpose of raising money for mental health charities – C.a.l.m, Mind and Help Musicians – proving that dance music can make a positive difference in tackling one of society’s most prevalent issues. The name really seems to do what it says on the tin.

It’s a 400-capacity space in an old warehouse, away from residential areas and with the rare set-up of the DJ booth in the centre of the room. On paper it sounds everything an intimate party craves.

On Saturday, new London promoters Attique are hosting what seems to be a refreshingly unfussy and affordable day and night event from 6pm til 5am, warming up with a free outdoor party and food fest before moving indoors from 10.

Impressively, Dark Sky are heading the bill. It isn’t clear if they’re playing the live set they’ve been touring substantially with over recent times, or a DJ set, but either way the Monkeytown Records regulars’ moody electronics will be well suited to a warehouse setting with room to move.

Joining them is Tom Demac – expect uncompromisingly heavy yet slick techno and electro – a worthy test for The Cause’s custom built sound system to see if it can withstand the protruding bass and kicks.

There’ll also be a set from up-and-coming Rhythm Section artist Mallard, and signee of Leeds’ emotive dance music label Slipstone RecordsEinerlei, plus more.

All-in-all an intriguing community led party for a purpose. Tickets here.