Bad Channel – INTLBLK005


Fresh off the press from International BlackRhythm Section’s twilight-focused imprint – a spacious 2-tracker with cosmic undertones. This one from Melbourne’s Bad Channel – a title borrowed from the faulty mixing console upon which these jams were conceived, and a cheeky play on the name of dub techno luminaries Mark Ernestus and Moritz Von Oswald (AKA Basic Channel).

The A-Side is a collage of excited yet blissful energy, fastened in by the chug of an almost acoustic-sounding beat – a statement of intent from the off, as a journey’s to be had. This voyage entails a tight exploration of the stereo field – it’s the kind of track you can visualise coming to life on a big, wide club system, drawing you to angles of the room that you weren’t even previously aware of. Bad Channel’s creation of space is also laudable – what is a seemingly subtle use of reverb, delay and on-point sound design is able to create such a distinct sense of lofty otherworldly-ness.

The flip side is certainly more subdued by contrast, either end of the jam sandwiched in a cluster of space-echoes and elongated textures. Nevertheless, a grower – once you’re settled into the tempo, you find yourself in a dreamy, pensive space. Plucky, rhodes-style synths and earthy, distorted bass tones can be found here – the type characteristic of deep-space heavy-hitters like Floating Points.

The label’s previous releases make sense across the board for a handful of steppers aimed at the darker hours, however this one seems to convey that intention particularly well. The sound evokes a moody pocket of the cosmos – black, white-flecked and vast, yet warm and inviting – the type of imagery found across their web platforms and release artwork. It seemed almost improper to delve into these works by daylight, and I’d suggest the same to any fellow lover of this particular breed of ethereal, dubby-techno cut.