Beatrice Dillon and Call Super – Inkjet / Fluo


Coinciding with an extensive world tour, Hessle Audio celebrate 10 years in operation with two highly anticipated releases arriving this Autumn; the return of seasoned favourite, Joe, and the tapping of long term affiliates, Beatrice Dillon and Call Super. Collaborating for the first time, Beatrice and Call combine for an immersive and signature oddball-techno two-tracker, Inkjet/Fluo. Remarkably, this will be the first ever release by a woman on the label, which is highly regarded as one of the most influential and forward thinking of its time.

Creatures twitch to life in ‘Inkjet’ as tough kicks initiate extra-terrestrial sounds that dance between manipulated synths and snares, setting the scene for an intricate yet heavyweight club banger. Distorted machinery reverberates in the middle ground, intensifying to a head at several points throughout where momentary furore dissipates into a head down jig as the kicks re-enter, forcing you to move. A sure-fire hair-raiser, and a great addition to any DJ’s arsenal of heavy weapons.

On the flip side, sombre chords are drawn out atop a carefully constructed soundscape. Playful synths provide a welcome respite from the melancholy, but the track continues its journey through an enticing solitude, drawing you further into the wilderness on the vibrations of a beautiful, but marginally disconcerting woodwind instrument. Although Fluo’s focal synth hook is memorable, it does sound oddly recycled, and doesn’t quite match the imagination invested in the rest of the track.

As with any collaboration, the merging of two great musical minds does not automatically translate into great music. Nonetheless, Beatrice and Call have navigated through any difficulty to deliver two opposing, but equally effective club tools for Hessle Audio. Occasionally releasing music that succeeds in ways you can’t quite fathom, Inkjet/Fluo is much more direct and obvious; a functional and clever 12-inch that invites you to immerse and get lost within.