Brotherhood With Jayda G & anu

January is exam season and with many of Leeds’ inhabitants favouring long, late-night stints in a library over a club night the first half of the month here is rather sparse as far as events go. But with this inconvenience ending we’re being hit by what feels almost like a backlog of great events.

After nearly six years on the scene, Brotherhood Sound System continue to set the standard when it comes to interesting bookings for their intimate parties, many of whom are quality emerging DJs. Their next event on 27th January is an example of just that.

Like most of the best DJs, Jayda G takes a cross-genre approach while sticking by certain themes and moods. She explores 70s and 80s disco as well as deep and soulful house with occasional tougher jacking or acid house cuts. Above all, her sets are groovy and danceable right the way through. Jayda seems also to be finding her niche as a producer with more contemporary sounding work that delicately borrows elements from classic house and disco. Listen to her collaboration with DJ Fettburger here. Jayda plays with hypnotic passion and energy; she dances and sings along as if no one is watching and thereby compels people in the club to do the same – demonstrated most emphatically by her Boiler Room set from the last Dekmantel.

Joining Jayda and offering a darker, weirder, techno-tinged sound is London girl and esteemed selector to those in the know: Anu. Anu is a key figure, resident DJ and radio host for Rhythm Section, the movement most famous for its vinyl-only London parties and its radio show which is a proud platform for a vast range of super-underground talent.

It is set to be a night of tried and tested dancefloor movers versus adventurous, boundary-pushing sounds in a club that is certainly no stranger to either.