Butter Side Up x Louche | NYE

In many ways, Leeds could be suitably attributed with the adjective ‘louche’. It is a grim-up-north powerhouse of booze and furious finance whose darkest corners and subterranean bunkers are an irresistible allure for many. Unlike other cities, there’s a feeling that you can get away with things here. You are given the keys to the city, even if it’s clear you’re up to no good.

This allure, this loucheness, is calling back its namesake to the city.

Louche were heavyweight promoters in Leeds for years. At their Mint Club home, they hosted the biggest names in underground house, techno and disco (while Basics were doing something slightly different over and Stinky’s Peepholes), ran a highly-regarded blog and mix series, and fostered a group of friends who are now big players on a tight-nit yet globally dispersed scene of record sellers, DJs and promoters.

Josh Tweek, the main Louche man, is currently based in Berlin, running the hottest mobile-record shop in a Mercedes van in the German capital: the Ghost. The shop has a huge influence among the minimal house scene, with DJs such as Vera, Zip and Nicolas Lutz having private viewings, and many more finding the shop outside various clubs around the city.

With business ticking along nicely, Tweek has instigated a move back to his roots, getting in touch with old friends from Butter Side Up to start doing Leeds-based parties again. The promoting power of this collaboration should not be underestimated. In many ways, Butter Side Up took on Louche’s mantle when the latter crew called it a day a few years ago, and have encouraged a maturation of an unmistakable ‘Leeds sound’. With their deep network of connections, and a symbiotic mindset, the two groups could be an unstoppable party-throwing force.

Their first event is a special New Years’ Eve party with an unannounced guest, and will see Louche moving from its traditional home to Butter Side Up’s territory of Wire club. The event page is here, and tickets can be bought here.