Call Super – PEACH007

Call Super Peach Discs EP

Call Super comes to Peach Discs for their seventh release as a label. If Peach Discs has taught us anything, it is to leave our expectations at the door. On this two-track EP, Call Super paints a murky yet compelling scene, with his signature clicks and reverberations permeating a big-room sound to create a wistful and transporting couple of tracks.

The two sides of the EP come together to paint what feels like a picture of one of those weird afters that you end up at in the early hours of the morning, the dawn well and truly broken. You have no memory of getting there, but now that you are, you might as well make the most of it. “All We Have Is Speed” is a quietly anxious track, with bell sounds clinking in and out to break up the restrained bass line. Retaining his fascination for odd noises, Call Super plays them to great effect here, drawing them in when necessary and letting them fall once they have served their purpose. In contrast, “All We Have Is Glue” is gloriously chilled, letting the scarcity of the instrumentation speak for itself.

This is a lovely little titbit from Call Super on one of the most exciting and consistently innovative labels of our time.