Chekov – Rotlicht


Transitioning away from sun-kissed house, Shanti Celeste’s Peach Discs directs us into darker territory for its third release – Rotlicht – with a distinguished debut from Leeds’ hot property, Chekov. Rising through the ranks herself with support from the Idle Hands crew, Shanti now appears to be extending her hand in a similar fashion, throwing light on emerging talent (as with Fred in PEACH002) and fostering a familial ethos with her newly founded imprint.

On first listen, it becomes obvious as to why Chekov’s productions have caught the attention of some very high profile and masterful selectors – namely Lena Willikens and Pearson Sound. ‘Bierce’ immediately sets the menacing tone that underlines the EP; snaking and meandering slowly with great restraint into a melting pot of sirens, distorted pads, and synths, sure to whip any crowd up into a frenzy. Title track, ‘Rotlicht’ packs the biggest punch. A foreboding electro throb – accentuated by the overlaying of the snare with a suggestive breath – creates a sleazy affair, chugging forward as industrial sounds ebb and flow. Whilst those tracks serve as peak time rollers, ‘Toothru’ takes a trip down the after-hours wormhole; spiralling synth notes cascade and crescendo over a pronounced, non-uniform kick. Rotlicht (translated as “red light” in German) fittingly brims with tension; an assured and highly infectious debut that will undoubtedly propel Chekov further into the limelight.