Conforce – Terra Modis


Prolific Delsin mainstay Boris Bunnik returns – marking 7 years at the heavyweight Dutch label – serving hypnotic micro-rhythms and dub atmospherics in techno form (thus under his Conforce moniker) with a masterful four-tracker, Terra Modis.

All-enveloping, “Celestion” feeds and consumes via dubbed-out pads and alien synth transmissions, burning rhythmically with hypnotic intent. A transformative state is truly realised along the melancholic bass tones of “Vessel”: sparse and delayed percussive elements cascade atop the 4×4 throb of low pass kicks laced with expansive stabs – a subtle yet emotive workout amidst the dub ambience, spliced with a coarse synth line oscillating in and out of focus.

Although previously dormant and somewhat restrained, the mood darkens on the B-side as elements of sinister nature seep further into the fray. “Zephyr” unveils a viscous melting pot of brooding dub lava, sputtering and crackling beneath the intricate and clever knife play of sharpening hi-hats. “Ariel” is awash with eerie cinematic soundscapes; a humid rainforest envisioned as snarling bass ripples intersect gentle and radiant keys to capture both beauty and peril.

Texturally rich and fittingly atmospheric, Terra Modis is woven masterfully, exploring and blending both ethereal and ominous forms of techno with precision and cinematic flare. With a significant back-catalogue to go at – serving both remarkable techno and electro (as Versalife) – keen Conforce admirers and electronic heads alike should have no problem lapping up these latest ventures, for this certainly feels like familiar, premium Delsin/Boris material.