Copper Green Sedan – Pedestrian


South London based label TROY TOWN follows up the stellar success of its August Wbeeza release with a four track EP from another local talent, Copper Green Sedan. The musical polymath, aka Pol Brekov, conceived the ideas for much of the release from within a camper van, travelling through northern Europe and returning to his UK studio to add final touches. 

The rave-inspired and percussion-heavy rawness of the release is a fitting follow-up for the label, drawing parallels with the Wbeeza EP’s distinctive cyber chords and gritty overtones, a nod to the more minimal output of late 90s Detroit. 

The A side opens with the title track ‘Pedestrian’. A breakbeat-led rhythm is supported by a rolling, hypnotic bass line; the abrupt percussive element balanced by the introduction of reverb-rich trick chords. The effect is dancefloor agreeable, and complex without sacrificing its groove. Fans of Youandewan will notice a quality somewhat reminiscent of his most recent Ideal Passage output. 

This is followed by ‘Rolling in the Long Grass’, minimal in style, drawing parallels with Romanian output from the likes of Cosmijn and Lizz. A subtle vocal and repetitive, airy riffs, as well as a host of spectral background percussion create a trippy, glitch-heavy voyage, true to its name. 

The rave ready, acid tinged ‘Gene’ heads up the B side. Maximal in comparison to the rest of the EP, a pulsing bass line is set against a backdrop of euphoric synth pads, interrupted by shivering hi-hats and a repetitive, melodic ride. Sunrise dance floor meets with 90s Hacienda? 

The last track on the EP is a remix of ‘Pedestrian’ by Holding Hands label boss Desert Sound Colony. True to its name, the track is stripped back, the melancholic chords of the original replaced with squelching acid, wonky synths and metallic, wailing percussion. A paradox of loopy, driving techno in a disembodied, atmospheric soundscape. 

The artist is as of yet unknown in the scene; however with the quality of production and ability to create his own blend of tenacious, unpretentious and often ethereal groove, hopefully this will be Copper Green Sedan’s first release of many.