Cosmic Slop w/ Credit 00 and Sneaker

Credit 00 is a true mixologist of vast soundscapes, to the point where an attempt to force him to comply with any firmly set genre would be futile. Forging a path between seemingly discordant sounds to create a congruent mix of musical styles that challenge not only himself but his listeners to dismantle categorical boundaries, Credit 00 is a legitimate man of many voices.

Creativity is often forced, contrived even. Though for some, it’s quite literally child’s play. Take Credit 00, AKA Alexander Dorn’s 2017 debut album ‘Game Over’ released on Uncanny Valley for example. A nostalgic nod to the acme of 8-bit video games and the fortified retro-esque axioms that adhere to it, Dorn’s 12-track concoction instigates childhood memories of pixelated bad guys and the fantasy worlds of classic video games. Coalescing the likes of techno, hip hop, jungle, reggae, italo, new beat and electric boogie, it comes as almost a marvel that such a medley can be so utterly flawless. And as if you needed further proof of such insane artistry, the artwork for this masterpiece was created by none other than Credit 00 himself.

Earlier this year the Dresden native made his first return to Uncanny Valley since his computerized odyssey in 2017 with a bold four-track epic yet again adorned in slick, streetwise personal artwork. Somewhat split into two parts, the first saga of  ‘Deep In The Jungle’ kicks off with new beat synths and rough beats spiked with an acid tincture. The latter half sees more progressive ethereal breaks, airy pads and pitched vocals, yet Dorn never strays too far from his hallmark breakbeats. Juxtaposing both the concrete and the green jungle, Dorn transports the listener through an unpredictable and twisted club experiment, exemplifying the absolute cunning and excellency of his sound design.

Credit 00 will be cruising through sonic worlds with another Dresden resident, Sneaker, on the sound system of the one and only Cosmic Slop in aid of MAP charity. With synth-heavy sets of obscurities and a hefty measurement of Italo disco, Sneaker is one of underground’s most valued selectors. Finding golden nuggets of infectious grooves and jagged baselines where most dare not to venture, Sneaker is a cult-like producer who is integral within EBM, industrial and new wave scenes today. As two staple members of the Uncanny Valley family, Credit 00 and Sneaker are on course to open Hope House up to a hybrid display of fresh, modern sounds.