Culture: Pangaea + Will Lister At Wire

On duty for their third event, Culture has invited long-time favourite and Hessle Audio don, Pangaea, to return to Wire Club for a mid-week shindig on Tuesday 26th February.

Over the course of almost a decade of activity, DJ, producer and co-founder of one of the most innovative and progressive imprints in recent years, Pangaea, AKA Kevin McAuley, is a strong force in underground’s deviation away from the post-dubstep trend – towards the more cutting, techno-orientated sound that dominates today. The unblemished body of work that Pangaea has established can be seen to epitomise the evolution that many other dubstep labels, producers and clubbers have followed since 2006.

McAuley’s electronic dance music assembles its energy from the percolating edges of sounds. This makes his style difficult to categorise as it is ever-shifting. Throughout numerous 12’’s and remixes, Pangaea has firmly blurred the lines between jungle, dubstep, grime and reaching outward to integrate techno, creating a complex sound palette of club grooves. In the same sense, Hessle Audio’s evolution as a label since its inception in 2007 mirrors Pangaea’s growth as an artist as they share the same daring identity. The ethos of the label is nothing complex, but simply to bring together boundary-pushing and original music that isn’t represented elsewhere. Along with Ben UFO and Pearson Sound, the Hessle Audio trio is constantly ahead of the curve, remaining at the forefront of a scene that has accelerated at an unrivalled rate. McAuley’s DJ sets and productions unceasingly encompass a diversity of influences, resulting in a musical hybrid sound that is entrenched in the traditions of UK hardcore.

Joining Pangaea at Wire will be an artist that is rapidly becoming a name on everyone’s lips. At only 22, Will Lister has released with the esteemed Phonica Records, Joy In Repetition and most recently a new split EP on ANMA Records. Another one not to be restricted to one single style, Lister’s sound varies from dark and dramatic to light and jazzy, with the use of samples and synths to create a vast landscape of sounds. With a luxurious take on house and electro, Will is said to be amassing a reputation as a production mogul who is in seriously high demand.

For those who don’t have work or uni on Wednesday morning, or for those who do but can hack it, get yourself down to Wire Club for what should be a special, sell-out event.