Danglo – Adapt EP

When I read a review I usually listen to it… after all, the guy doing the writing clearly knows his shit and almost certainly knows a hell of a lot more than me! That’s why it is relatively laughable that I am writing the review for Danglo’sAdapt EP” … not only do I know nothing about the post-dubstep movement? (Hooray! dust of the bunting, Dubstep is apparently over…) I was also unaware of Danglo’s existence until this morning!

What I now know, is that West London producer Jackson Holmes a.k.a. Danglo, began composing at the tender age of 10, with the much underrated medium “Music 2000” on Playstation. A few years later he stumbled into Electronic music and now; “I sit at a computer and sounds comes out. Apparently I tend not to display much emotion in the real world, so whatever emotions I do have, I suppose they come through the music, that’s it.” It seems that this alexithymic attitude has worked in Danglo’s favour … the “Adapt EP” is pure gold!

Side A starts with a bang (literally,) “Smitten”  is a mess of jazz percussion, Betty Crocker soul-steeped vocal bites and a sporadic garage shout-out worthy of Artful Dodger! This is followed by the urgent bassline, synth starbursts and suspiciously Sampha esque vocals of “Call to Reason” which make the perfect precursor to arguably the strongest track off the EP … the garage shuffling “Did I Love” – oscillating synths and pitched down vocals interrupted by the occasional crash of ska percussion … and finally, “Eagle Eye,” the monster ending worthy of this massive EP; ghostly Operatic vocals add a touch of class to a stomping beat reminiscent of Woodkids “Iron”


The “Adapt EP” is now available as limited 500 white vinyl pressing, a limited 100 white CD or Digitally … you can get find them all here

Check out Danglo and Ivan Franco performing live:

Did I Love/Smitten (Live Ft. Ivan Franco) from Danglo Music on Vimeo.