Daniel Avery – Drone Logic


It’s rare to find originality in current electronic music. House and it’s sub-genres have been re-packaged, re-worn and recycled countless times over the last 30 years. So, when something like Daniel Avery’s debut LP ‘Drone Logic‘ comes along, we sit up and pay attention.

From the onset, it’s clear Daniel is an outstanding producer and that Erol Alkan’s ‘Phantasy Sound’ has picked a winner. ‘Water Jump‘ gets things going. Vocal loops glued by reverse reverb surge into a tight drum groove and pulsating bass-line.

Avery’s sonic-throbs spill from one track to another: Title track ‘Drone Logic‘ stimulates the subconscious, a steady hypnotic crescendo sucks the listener into a deep state of animated bass grooves, powered by bouncing drum hits. ‘These Nights Never End‘ and ‘Naive Response‘ are continuations of the same but metamorphosed by sonic variations. Beats swell, then fade and break apart, splashes of reverb and high octane 303 riffs abound … Despite their homogenous formula, they never feel monotonous.

The closing Acid tones of ‘Naive Response‘ give-way to the melancholic and decidedly more melodic ‘Platform Zero‘ … it’s an interlude, the sorbet before the psychedelic sci-fi main ‘Need Electric‘.

The versatility of “Drone Logic” is manifest when Daniel switches back to 4/4 with ‘All I Need‘. This sweet burst of House synth marks a gradual transition from sonic into the serene ambient drone of ‘Simulrec‘ and ‘Spring 27‘. Closing track ‘Knowing Will Be Here‘ is borderline Trance and a delightfully euphoric send-off.

In a scene where laptop music is produced and distributed by the truckload, ‘Drone Logic‘ stands above the crowd. It’s a mould breaker, an instant classic, and certainly a contender for record of the year.