Darshan Jesrani – Gotta Do


Gotta Do is the tenth release on Ilija Rudman and Antonio Zuza’s label, Imogen Records, and Darshan Jesrani is just the right man to mark this milestone with this tasty two track EP.

The Brooklyn-based DJ has been heavily involved in the disco/house scene for many years, particularly as one half of the celebrated Metro Area outfit, whose track “Miura” was named as Resident Advisor’s number 1 single of the noughties.

In line with previous releases, Jesrani has once again shown his magnitude of skill through his ability to create genre-defying tracks. This is clear from the get-go with “Gotta Do”, which jumps between a pounding rubbery bass and extra-terrestrial synths to create two vastly contrasting moods. These elements twist and turn to take the listener on a sonic journey almost ten-minutes in length, before Jesrani finally combines them to create a mind-boggling finish.

While Jesrani does open up the EP in style, he truly comes into his element on the B-side, “Take Me”, in which he has called upon the talented singer, producer and DJ, Charli Umami of PLANETSELF. This track strikes the perfect balance between intricate percussive beats, soulful vocals and a catchy melody, showing off its anthemic potential. It’s a strong second half to this EP, but at only two tracks long the release really whets the appetite for more.