Electric Minds: New Years Eve – the Last Dance

As  2017 begins its reign, a bittersweet event marks the end of the year. After an sumptuous 10 year anniversary Electric Minds comes to a close on New Years Eve. Founded in 2006, Electric Minds has spent the past decade cultivating and broadcasting some of the best sounds and DJs the globe has to offer. Playing host is Corsica Studios, providing an even more intimate feel the event will already provide.

The night is set to be one that looks back with many of the label’s residents and founder’s playing. Headlining the evening is David Moufang, or better known as Move D. Having grown up amongst two classically trained pianists – his mother and father, there was only one way his life and career was going to go. Having mastered percussion and guitar at a young age he ventured into the world of early electronic music. In 1989, he was introduced to techno and never looked back. Creating his own brand of ambient techno, Move D has gone on to sell thousands whilst establishing himself as a pioneer in the genre. Respected by not only his followers but fellow mixers, his reputation has led him to be known as a “DJ’s DJ”.

Next up is Dolan Bergin– founder of The Hydra and also the man behind Electric Minds. Many have come to know him as a promoter first, DJ second. However what sets the likes of the Hyrda and Electric Minds apart has always been Bergin’s reliably strong warm-up mixes. Having been introduced to the rave scene in 92 he has honed and cultivated his mixes by watching the likes of Theo Parrish and François K build an atmosphere from scratch early  in the night. Expect rich and emotive deep house with elements of euphoric techno coaxing people on to the dancefloor.

Finally we move onto Berlin based Mr Ties. Thirsty for knowledge since his teenage years, and having had various experiences in the sound world – working in a record press and in sound engineering – this man has been building a strong reputation for himself over the past few years, with many seeing him as one of the most innovative figures on the scene at the moment. Proving his natural ability and adept skills he hosts a monthly party with Danilo Rosato – HOMOPATIK. This night is slowly gaining legendary status, and in Berlin that is no short feat, a city where electronic music is the lifeblood. Typically very hard to classify his work, you will tend to hear a fusion of garage, soulful house and techno.

Tickets are now going for £40 so be quick if your still stuck for plans this NYE. In the meantime get listening to this classic Move D Boiler Room set from earlier this year.

See you in 2017!