Family – Leafar Legov


The mist surrounding the ethereal Giegling label is both intriguing and enticing. The Weimar collective thrive on their obstructed and cloudy image, which has been heightened enormously by the anonymity of exceptional producer Traumprinz/Prince of Denmark/DJ Metatron. From hosting local parties to pressing their own records, the Giegling group have left an idiosyncratic mark on melodic, haunting techno, and this impassioned 12-inch from label heavyweight Leafar Legov (Rafael Vogel backwards) follows exactly the same trend.

Having played all five tracks from ‘Family’ as unreleased artefacts in his lauded RA Podcast last spring, Vogel has treated minimal fans with their release this Christmas. Clearly influenced by hip-hop sampling and eerie vocals, Vogel’s sandwich track ‘Family is Everything’ provides a short, powerful interlude in a similar vein. Like his debut EP ‘Talk’ in 2016, Vogel has striven to create an atmosphere that is vast and expansive, filling us with both foreboding and inklings of hope. Sombre piano chords and a stirring vocal in ‘Our Love is Strong’ go side-by-side with a tightly produced off-kilter rhythm, as occasional thumps urge us on to further listening.

The diversity of the album is something to behold, as Vogel uses sumptuous jazz samples and shuffling percussive lines in ‘Peace by Peace’. This track has a higher tempo, and a lighter vibe in contrast with the aforementioned tracks, rendering it one of the most prominent jams on the EP. However, the most outstanding work on this release has got to be ‘We Don’t Have to Talk About It’, containing fragments of Burial’s celebrated LP ‘Untrue’, with simple yet formidable melodies and samples.

Vogel demands the attention of his listeners and successfully delivers a beautifully constructed record that could, in all honesty, be played for hours at a time. Although occasionally the tracks could benefit from some additional movement, this release is nothing short of superb, and can be identified as one of the finest outputs from a Giegling member to date – a statement that highlights the extent of Vogel’s talents.

You can register your interest here, but, as with most Giegling products, it sold out within days.