Mathias Kaden – Fin

Mathias Kaden - Fin


Following hot on the heels of the announcement of Watergate’s  15th compilation CD comes the revelation of the 15th contributor for their vinyl series. Mathias Kaden takes the reins, and indeed the release mostly lives up to our expectations. Ever an exponent of quantity over quality, Kaden offers another clinical, timely production for the iconic label.

Fin’ showcases Kaden’s mastery of production. The title track resounds with an authoritative bass punch, building into a unison of perfect percussion and piano chimes.

Despite Josh Wink’s impressive back-catalogue, his “Re-think” is somewhat lackluster. Taking a fresh perspective a touch too far, Wink centers his production around driving rave synths. The perpetual beeps and sirens are a continual promise of something more, but sadly they inspire nothing other than a slight sense of panic and a desire to leave the building.

As a bonus to the release, Christian Burkhardt’s ‘Under the Wheel’ provides us with another percussive track, stomping through varied drum patterns, a wandering bassline and distant sirens. Despite clear production competency, Burkhardt fails to draw the listener in, making for a somewhat flat end result.

Personally, the stand out track of this release is Rodriguez Jr‘s ‘Nausicaa‘. Impeccably produced, with an addictive reverberating hook from start to finish, it pulls together a selection of subtle sounds into a nicely formatted rhythm, creating a powerful track worthy of an A-side.