Fouk – Truffles


Dutch producers Hans Peeman and Daniël Leseman, otherwise known as Fouk, return to Detroit Swindle’s Heist Recordings after some time revising their sound in the studio. With its long list of established house producers, the ingredients for a Heist track would normally include the following: an infectious bassline, some shuffling percussion and a seductive groove. So, does Fouk’s new EP Truffles tick any of those boxes?

Yes, yes and yes.

The record consists of four funky, light-hearted, bassline-driven tracks that effortlessly flow from start to finish – with signature Fouk percussion tinkering over the top of each, as well as a tidy remix from Hugo LX on the flip.

The title track, “Truffles”, oozes out sunny rooftop vibes whilst still managing to have a real kick to it thanks to the rave-inspired piano stabs and low-down bass. Vintage snares and the introduction of a seesawing synth puts emphasis on the faultless bassline, which is certain to evoke a positive response from the crowd, making the opening track a fitting start to the record.

The EP peaks with the second track on the A side, “I’ll Be Down”, which captures all the qualities we’ve come to expect from the duo. A fuzzy synth line and soulful background vocals carry the track along and are accompanied by less complicated percussion than the title track but, if anything, it only adds to the tune’s danceability.

The flip side kicks off with “Need My Space”, which has a leisurely groove thanks to its atmospheric, dreamy piano keys and pads. It’s less club-ready compared with the first two songs on the release, but the easy-going nature of it makes it perfect for laid-back home listening.

French artist Hugo LX is on remix duties for the last track on the record, and he gives “I’ll Be Down” an added touch of jazz with the introduction of a whole bunch of horns and a more abrupt bassline that compliments the drums ever so nicely. The remix offers a nice conclusion to the record, which isn’t Fouk’s best, but one that manages to have a consistent theme run throughout each track. This is courtesy of their trademark sub-basses and shaking hats which gives them a swing that is sure to get any head nodding, inside the club or out of it.