Glug Glug: Sounds of Norway

Since they began in February, Glug Glug have been taking its punters on an eye opening tour of the globe through music.

They have covered the upbeat highlife of West Africa, the futurism of Italo disco, the invention of Japanese productions and even the sounds of Heaven. And with so much of the universe’s music left to explore, there is no sign that they will be resting any time soon.

More recently, they have been teaming up with &or Emporium to put on their Glug Glug parties at Outlaws Yacht Club, and also maintain a regular show with them on KMAH Radio. But their spiritual home is the Hyde Park Book Club, which will be the venue for their next event: Sounds of Norway.

Their residents have promised “space disco ambient dub and acid”, focusing on the work of DJ Sotofett’s Sex Tags Mania label, Full Pupp, and other rarer Norwegian sounds that might crop up in their record bags. Along with the cosy confines of the Book Club, this should be a delightful midweek escapade – and the next best thing for anyone who doesn’t have the cash to visit Oslo.

Glug Glug’s Sounds of Norway takes place this Wednesday from 7 til 11pm. Check the event page here.