Haŵs Presents: X-Kalay at Rye Wax

Haŵs presents X-Kalay at Rye Wax

Not everyone would choose the first night of the bank holiday weekend to exert what’s left of the week’s energy. But for those Londoners who see the value in three days of recovery ahead of work next week, it’s worth the effort, and a chance to immerse in some pretty special music south of the river.

Local night and label Haŵs have invited X-Kalay – a label launched in 2016 in Peckham– to showcase a bunch of artists whose music they’ve been blessing us with over the past few years, on home turf at Rye Wax.

The X-Kalay label has a low-key somewhat grassroots feel, but while the overall aesthetic may be understated, the sounds certainly are not. This is bold acid, electro, techno and house – that stirs the senses.

Melbourne based Lou Karsh was announced as ‘special guest’ on Friday’s lineup. The Aussie’s acid track Ataraxia was one of the key sounds of last year, particularly at festivals, having caused many a euphoric moment for the 5am sunrise crowd. Karsh’s mixes also weave an extensive 303 thread through them – but while acid can have an intensity that is sometimes relentless, Karsh has a knack for achieving an overall effect that is rich and inviting.

Also on the lineup is Manchester’s No Moon – whose latest EP landed last month on Craigie Knowes and is a memorable 17 minutes of breaks, bass and energy. This is the stuff that people in a sweaty club lose it to.

Rudolf C completes the bill. Owner of label Salt Mines that he runs out of Berlin with friend Shedbug, in addition to the broken beats and squelchy liquid bass lines he has in common with Lou Karsh and No Moon, Rudolf C ventures into housey territory at times, and generally has a brighter aesthetic. It’s still on the heavy end of the spectrum – deep and shimmering at all times.

Haŵs and X-Kalay should be an ideal match in non-fussy club surroundings – with the focus firmly on the music.

The mix below comes from X-Kalay label founder Sam Astbury – a stunning mix and a great taste of what the label stands for.

Tickets for the event available on RA here.