Haze EP – Timmy P

After a handful of releases on labels such as Blackrose, Love Not Money, Electronique and Witty Tunes, Timmy P smashes out his latest EPHaze’ (on Four Fingers Hand), and in doing so showcases a more refined version of his moody, Bluesy House style. After plugging in, I found myself swept away to a dark, smokey, shoe box room – appearances not too dissimilar from what I would expect from a 1920’s Jazz bar in New York – with a new breed of Blues artist blaring though the speakers. I don’t know whether it is a coincidence or just something in the air, but it seems as though House music today is slowly but surely getting closer and closer to finding its roots once again in blues and soul. Apart from the obvious claps and kicks, the sounds Timmy has used in this EP seem more real, more organic and more natural. It’s a step away away from the incredibly synthetic sound of the noughties and back to something purer.

Keeping the funk in the soulful vocal sampling, and deep and groovy in the lows, the title track ‘Haze’ has all the ingredients for the perfect late night melody. The blend of Blues and House is particularly noticeable with the warm organ sound that gracefully dances up and down the jazzy chord sequence. For me, this is what defines Timmy P’s sound.

Chill Spot’ is the stand-out track on the EP. It utilizes all the elements that make a great Timmy P production. “Chill Spot” treats us to a delicious bouncing synth pattern supported by beautiful fluttering piano. The dark eerie vocal in the break adds a mysterious elegance to the song – whether that is just Timmy P’s genius or because I can’t understand what the voice is saying, I just don’t know. The title of this track couldn’t be more perfectly suited – it hits the relax nerve square on.

The third (Are The One) and fourth (Downbeat) tracks are much more bass driven than the previous tracks on the EP. These two are much more suited to the club environment and will get you swinging along. I have to admit, I haven’t really given them the time of day – I just can’t help but click rewind back to the ‘Chill Spot’.

Timmy P’s Haze EP is due for release tomorrow, and is sure to feature heavily throughout the festival season and will certainly be a staple part of several after-hour boogies over the summer!


The1UPPED Rating – 3 ¾

Timmy P has been kind enough to give us this free download:

Damien The Omen – Cubiq and Timmy P (Free 320 kbps Download)
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