I Love Acid showcase w/ Posthuman, Placid and Perseus Traxx

Two of the north’s most conscientious promoters are collaborating once again to orchestrate an evening of music just as classy as it is wonky.

Party-throwers and podcast hosts Space Ritual and York promoter Indigo are bringing a trio of the UK’s finest 303-wielding producers to Wire later this month for a squelchy session of machine-made sounds.

Although the acid house aesthetic is attached to a certain era around the late 80s and early 90s, the use of it has proved to be timeless; it is still being used in 2016 to drive music further into the future – one that also enjoys a tad of nostalgia.

The Wire basement will be occupied by regulars of London’s ‘I Love Acid‘ label and night. This frankly executed imprint is all-vinyl, limiting its presses to just 303 copies each time (see what they did there?). With nearly ten releases a couple of years’ experience under their belt, they are going from strength to strength, attracting the attention of these promoters, whose shared love for the jack and squelch of a drum machine has brought them all together.

A wonderfully alliterative trio of artists will provide the tunes: London duo Posthuman started out around the turn of the millennium, releasing abstract IDM records as well as some forays into dub techno. Now, they are leading the line in the UK’s acid house revival, along with Placid, with whom they host the I Love Acid nights in London, and who will also be appearing at Wire.

Joining them is local producer Perseus Traxx. He is a highly respected man about the Yorkshire music scene, with a passion for gear and a talent for forging dancefloor-ready acidic sounds. He has released on Rawax, and also self-releases on his label Future Flash.

So, if you like your music at a low-pH, or are curious to join this resurgence in a classic sound, go to this event at the end of July. The full Facebook page is here.