An interview with Agents of Time

Agents of Time comprise of Italian trio Andrea Di Ceglie, Fedele Ladisa and Luigi Tutolo whose dark, melodic music has been entering our airwaves since 2013.

With a focus on constant creativity, the group have embarked on multiple projects, including their work with the Tonhalle Orchester Zürich and LPs; Spread the Word and Emperor, on Stem and Correspondent respectively. Even now the group are working towards a series of new releases, including latest EP, Magma out on the 19th of February. Its an impressive feat, to have done so much in such a short time.

Now playing in the big league’s with Maceo Plex‘s Ellum, the trio spoke to us ahead of their landmark Fabric show next month:

Considering there’s three of you playing live how do you interact with each other, or are you all aware of what has to be done before hand?

Basically our live show is structured like a band. One of us is taking care of melodies and atmospheric sounds, another one is taking care of the bass sections and sequences and the last one plays drum machines and sampler, taking care of the grooves, coordinating the live sounds through the mixer, doing equalizations of the sounds, much like a director would. 

We have kind of a playlist, but it’s just a mental organization in scales to let the instruments interact among them. When we want to improvise something we can start doing the basslines or melodies and automatically the next one doing the next sound can be inspired and follow the same tonality, then the groove does the rest. Everything comes together.

You’ve spoken previously about moving towards full analogue performances, what equipment are you using live at the moment and what have you got your eye on?

We completely changed our setup after taking this decision. In the past we were using our laptops to sound closer to the original tracks we have released. Now we switched to complete analogue live set up without any laptop, that means that we are more free in doing jams and improvising new stuff. Doing new versions of our tracks is more fun this way, and the most interesting thing is that every live session is almost completely different from one to another.

You’ve done a fair few collaborations since you began less than three years ago, we particularly enjoyed your performance with the Tonhalle Orchestra. How did that come about, was there a concept behind it?

This collaboration came from the Tonhalle Orchestra art director. They often do this kind of event to let new generations approach the classical music world. It’s amazing to mix electronic and classical together. They basically asked us to try this new and original experience and of course we immediately said yes. It was great to collaborate with them, we believe that this is very helpful for our artistic growth, enriching our experience.

Any upcoming collaborations we should know about?

At the moment we are mostly focusing on our new music, on how it should sound. And we’re working everyday on improving our live performances.

Where is home for you at the moment?

Bari, of course. Our hometown is still where we live. We recently rented a new amazing studio, that makes us very happy and very inspired. Now we feel we’ve reached the right balance between playing around the world and coming back to our family, friends and roots every week.

Your latest track ‘Magma’ is very different to your previous releases, it seems more hard hitting, was there a change in approach for this one?

Well, Magma is the result of an evolving process, using new and original sounds and atmospheres. We think that the Ellum release could open some doors to Agents Of Time, it could get us closer to our future sound. We will try to experiment even more in the future, in order to reach some kind of ideal musical concept.

And finally how are you feeling to play Fabric in March, have you been there before as either artists or punters?

We are super excited about this. Fabric has always been one of our aims. We’ve been there before but not playing and we’ve been immediately seduced by this legendary club. Thanks to Maceo Plex we are going to play for the Ellum showcase next March, we’re really looking forward to this gig. A lot of friends will join us for this special night, we will prepare a really unique live set for this magic night.

Listen to new EP Magma here: