An interview with Clarian

If you look at Clarian’s page on Resident Advisor you’ll find the piece is fairly unconventional with claims that the DJ used music to straighten out his mind in a human testing facility and that he spends most of his time in Berlin basements ‘dreaming up a web of sound’. While it’s not entirely believable, the article does help exemplify what type of man Clarian is – fairly far out, but constructive. The piece highlights Clarian’s fascination with research and experimentation depicting him as an industrious obsessive.

His past has certainly proven these qualities with EP ‘Chemical Gardens’ on Visionquest putting his name on the map in 2012. Since then he has released records on: Turbo, Life And Death, Supplement Facts, Rumors and My Favorite Robot. Becoming the first signing of Seth Troxler‘s new indie label Soft Touch, he serves as the one of its figureheads and inaugurated the label with its first release – “Is There Light At The End“.

If you have listened to Clarian’s work before you’ll know that his music is fairly psychedelic and ambient. If you’ve ever read interviews involving the DJ you’ll know that they too are psychedelic, and fairly less ambient. Knowing this, and not knowing what to expect when we caught up with him, Flux entered Clarian’s world with a sense of trepidation and bewilderment. The extrovert Canadian acted as a guide to what felt like a nonsensical trip; we were left wondering what we had just spoken about, if we had even spoken and what exactly is ‘a sunset of mescal’?

Try and make sense of it for yourself:

What was it that kicked off your interest in music, and what made you want to make it? When did you first start making music?

I think therefore I make music.

You’ve had a fairly prolific year, but have chosen to work with a number of different labels. Are you looking for a label to call ‘home’ or are you happy to keep moving around and continue exploring your own sound?

I like to work with the record labels and the people that blow my mind or at the very least, know how to have a good time.

How did making Wasting Away In Moderation differ from the music making process in Footprintz, your previous band? Does your band-based background inform your use of melodies within a house template?

I went swimming down a sunset of mescal once upon a time in Mexico. It’s a self indulgent heartbreaking masquerade but the record is cool. So fuck it.

Who or what has influenced you with the particular EP? (not necessarily musical influences).

Excessive attitudes can lead to accidental breakthroughs and I’d never recommend it, although, I do it all the time.

Since your departure from Footprintz how has your creative process changed, if it has at all?

I love peanut butter just as much as before and the chamber of dreams in the basement has a few new loose screws.

Coming from a band/producer background do you think creating a live set is something that you’d like to do in the future?

As long as no one blows up the sun we should be good.

Is DJing something you want to do more of or do you think you’ll remain a producer first and foremost? Do you think it is now necessary for a producer to DJ in order to earn a living and sustain a career in the industry?

Careers are overrated. We earned our living when we emerged from the void.

Vinyl record sales have hit an 18-year high. What are your thoughts on digital music culture? How do you think this resurgence will affect electronic music such as yours? (that is if you think it will do at all!)

Those thoughts on digital music culture were erased from my memory. They are simply too dangerous.

How do you view the evolution of the Canadian scene and to what extent does it interplay with developments in the US and Europe respectively?

Canada is scuba diving with the USA while Europe chills on the deck catching those sunset waves.

Which one item in your studio could you not do without?

I need my mind somewhat available for delivery.

What was the single best thing you did in 2014, musically or otherwise?

I started a cult.

Finally, where in your view would be the ideal setting for listeners to experience your music?

Not in this lifetime.