Spotlight: Dan Shake

This September we welcome Dan Shake back to Leeds for our party on the 26th. As a Flux resident and former student at the University of Leeds, Dan has a strong connection to the city but has reached far beyond Yorkshire in his flourishing career. He now plays festivals worldwide, alongside masters such as Derrick Carter, Hunee and Jeremy Underground to name but a few. From humble beginnings, Dan’s career has been fast-moving, and he has earnt the respect of many of dance music’s finest.

Dan first began music production in his early teens using whatever free music software he could get his hands on. After discovering J Dilla, he became captivated and influenced sampling and by the Detroit sound. His first release as Dan Shake, 3AM Jazz Club, epitomised this influence. While working at Dimensions Festival in 2013, Dan gave his work to Kenny Dixon Jr. (Moodymann) in the spur of the moment. Impressed by it, Kenny agreed to sign 3AM Jazz Club to Mahogani Music, making Dan the first artist on that label hadn’t come from Detroit.

Dan’s influences go beyond Detroit, with many of his releases featuring elements of funk and disco. Many of his sets are also much heavier, featuring thundering kicks and rolling acid synths. Whilst he is clearly influenced by Moodymann, his sets are extremely diverse and he glides between different genres, making his sets unpredictable and refreshing.

Since 2014, Dan Shake has been growing and growing. He’s released on Lumberjacks from Hell, Delusions of Grandeur and Black Acre. Determined to do things independently, he has also founded his own label, Shake. Currently hosting releases from XOA and Dan Shake himself, we can expect exciting things from this label. He has also appeared on the Boiler Room twice, delivering impeccable sets on both occasions. This year, he has played at Lost Village, Farr Festival and Defected Croatia. He has outgrown the label of an “up and coming artist” and we are honoured to host him headlining Flux again. We’re sure that he will put on one hell of a show.

1. 3am Jazz Club – Dan Shake

The track that would launch Dan’s career as a producer. His first release on Moodymann’s Mahogani Music.

1. I’m a big Freak (Dan Shake cut) – Dan Shake

Shake Tapes is self-described as an outlet for Dan Shake’s private stash of DJ friendly cuts, exploring all corners of the globe, out on his own label launched in 2015.