Spotlight: Efdemin

Having released records under the Tobin alias as early as 1999,  Efdemin (Phillip Sollman) can be considered a mainstay figure in the techno world. Founding his label DIAL records shortly after the first Tobin release, his reputation slowly grew, alongside his production. However, it was the Efdemin alias that expanded quickest, with fans appreciating the idiosyncratic soft style to production.

His 2007 debut LP, ‘Efdemin’, was received well by critics then – a fabulously hypnotic production. His later albums ‘Chicago’ in 2010 and ‘Decay’ in 2014 promoted his name yet further, and he is now an established member of the Berlin techno scene. His recent work includes a mix CD titled ‘Naïf’, featuring productions from himself and friends which was released in April this year.

Very much a natural musician, Efdemin still owns and uses his childhood cello, bought by his parents many moons ago. He has even been known to perform live with the instrument in Vienna and Hamburg during art shows and tribute concerts. As well as performing and producing music, he has dabbled in orchestrating an ensemble.

Whilst his DJ sets do not contain the same lavish scenes as Monophie, they are similarly inventive, often exploring the depths of ambient and techno music. A man of many talents, Efdemin’s passion and knowledge for music of different varieties is extremely commendable. His DJ sets are often made up of genres spanning from deep rhythmical techno, such as Jeff Mills, to more ambient and minimal levels such as the Prince of Denmark. For instance, his Electric Deluxe Podcast portrays his love for both minimal techno and house. One user sums up this neat mix as ‘calculated bliss’, which aptly describes it’s depth and moodiness.

Efdemin – Acid Bells

Now eleven years old, Efdemin’s debut LP comprises 10 tracks of haunting, minimal creations that pull you into the dark but keep you dancing.

‘Monophonie’, Sollmann’s orchestral project which became a reality in 2017, is a unique example of his musical capabilities. It shows that despite being a house and techno stalwart, there is much more variety to his musical talents than first meet the eye.