Introducing – Jungle

‘Jungle’ are something of an enigma. Much like UK producer Burial, they seem happy in their anonymity. The few interviews they have granted are intentionally cryptic and consequently there is some confusion as to who is actually in the band. In an interview with The Fly, ‘Jungle‘ introduce themselves as a duo from West London called J and T but hint at “ a whole team of collaborators behind the scenes.” Trying to categorize the band is also a bit futile as they claim that they’re careful about “wearing their influences on their sleeve” and instead are always trying to produce something “nobody’s heard before”.

For me, what makes the band so interesting is that they actively eschew social media (they don’t Tweet and their are no personal photos on their Facebook fanpage.) Instead, they look to connect with their fans only through their music and accompanying music videos. Each video is simple, and yet has a story, has character, has depth. Indeed, we can largely attribute their popularity to the virality of the music video for their single ‘Platoon.’

Release in early June, 6 year old B-girl Terra’s slightly off-beat breakdance performance has amassed nearly quarter of a million hits (I couldn’t believe I could feel that uncool compared to a tiny dancer) and it caught the attention Zane Lowe, eventually making it’s way onto Radio 1.

When prodded about their latest single ‘The Heat’, J and T say it’s “all about the visuals and vivid imagery,” and that they envisioned “a massive Where’s Wally beach scene in Miami where there is a band playing and people pulling up in cars, rollerblading, sharks in the ocean, people surfing” … the creative geniuses behind the music video did their best, setting ‘The Heat’, as background funk to the retro-cool of roller-blading duo High Rollaz.

Unsurprisingly they have been vague about future ‘Jungle‘ plans. Maybe their growing popularity will force them into more interviews, maybe it will reveal more about their background or maybe it will shelter them even more. The only certainty is that more compelling music is coming and that Jungle is massive.