Spotlight: Prosumer

Prosumer. A term used to describe something that consumes and produces. It was used in a book called ‘The Third Wave’ in the 80s for predicting what post-industrial society would look like. Not a term you’d immediately expect to hear in the context of dance music, but definitely one that suits the character of Achim Brandenburg. As a music obsessive and a music creator, he chose this alias to represent him in his long and impressive career.

Back in 2013, in an interview for EB.TV, Achim said ‘I play the music that touches me emotionally… when I make music it is also based on emotions’. Listening to him play, you can’t help but hear that he’s telling the truth. Whether he’s playing a warm piano melody or a thumping 909 acid tune, he carries with him an energy, freshness and emotion reminiscent of a 90’s dancefloor.

At the start of that energetic decade, Achim worked at record store called Hard Wax in Saarbrücken. Inspired by the house music scene, he later moved to Berlin in 1999. After making music and catching the attention of promoters, he stood in for Ata, a resident at Panorama Bar. Promoters were very impressed by this performance and decided Prosumer should also be made a resident.

Prosumer is incredibly expressive through his music and beyond. He has admitted to being an introvert and spoken out about issues of a depression in dance music. As a strong promoter and celebrator of the LGBTQ+ rights, he recently played an anti-Trump protest rave in London alongside Seth Troxler, Midland, Eats Everything and Heidi.

As far as his music is concerned, he provides amazing variety and groove. His years of experience in Berlin makes him an absolute expert, with seamless mixing and memorable selection. This is a man who will have everyone up and dancing to tunes they’ve never heard before. We can’t wait to do what he does best for our opening party on 26th of September.

1. Prosumer – Gridlock

Prosumer’s Brownstone EP released in 2007 shows some of his impressive production skills but merely scratches the surface of what he’s capable of.

1. Marcus Marr – Rocketship (Prosumer’s Retransmission)

Prosumer’s thumping remix of Marcus Marr’s “Rocketship”