An interview with Purple Disco Machine

It’s a commonly held belief that Germany knows what makes a prolific electronic music producer and DJ; Purple Disco Machine is no exception.

PDM has released a myriad of polished house tunes over the years, as well as developing a distinguished DJing career. Having topped Beatport charts and played at a number of the world’s top venues including Space Ibiza, Watergate and Sub Club, the man from Germany is at the top of his game. This reputation for producing floor-filling, funk and disco infused house with recent releases such as ‘L.O.V.E’ and ‘Yo’, earning PDM gigs anywhere you’d expect to house (no pun intended) such an accomplished DJ and producer.

Whilst currently enjoying playing at all corners of the globe and sporting releases from labels such as Defected, Kittball and Soulstar,  he took some time to answer our questions.

This may be the most asked question you’ve had but we’re desperate to know how the name Purple Disco Machine came about? Why not ‘Red’ Disco Machine?

The ‘Disco Machine’ part is from the 70’s funk band ‘Magic Disco Machine ‘ whose track ‘Scratchin’ is a breakbeat classic. And the ‘Purple’ hopefully captures the flamboyant decade of the 80s!

Tell us about working with Boris Dlugosh, what is the most valuable thing you learned from him?

Boris is a very good friend of mine and to work with him is always rewarding and big fun. We feel and think the same about music. I always learn a lot about old songs and weird artistes I never heard of before. 


We noticed you’re playing Space and Sankey’s this year. What do you think the future for Space holds now that its been bought by Ushuaia?

I’m no expert on the politics of Ibiza but I hope that they keep it a night club and do not turn it into a Golf Course etc!  Space Ibiza is one of the worlds most iconic club and it needs to be preserved the same location.  I love playing for Glitterbox there so I really hope it is not the last ever season in that venue. 

If you could invent a new audio format to replace vinyl, what would it be?

You never can replace vinyl. To play and work with vinyl was and is still a special feeling. But traveling wise mp3 are the best solution. If you buy legally you get a brilliant quality that for me  compares with vinyl. 

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever sampled?

Definitely “The Path” sample. Teenage Mutants came up with the idea and i was a bit shocked when I first heard it. The flute sample was so weird but after listening to it a few times i loved it. And it seems the people as well. 🙂

How many takes until you are happy with a production?

It depends. Usually if I have an idea in mind I can move fast and sometimes the best tracks are the quickest. If I need more time than 1 week for a track, I scrap the idea. I wasted too much time with thousands of versions of a track back in the day!

What do you think is the biggest threat to dance music’s survival?

I don’t think the dance music has any chance of not surviving! Music to dance to has always existed and you can trace the current scene directly back to the 70’s Disco movement. People love dancing to music! However I do think the current scene is under some threat from the way Streaming is making people just listen to music rather than simply buying and collecting tracks either on vinyl , CD or MPS/WAV files to keep. I really hope the Streaming platforms make it easier for DJs and dance music fans to keep collecting music like the previous days. The Playlists are definitely good but I think we need specific Streaming ‘charts’ for hype tracks and across different genres.


You’ve reached number one on Beatport’s Deep House chart. Do you think that the term Deep house has become too broad? Jeremy Underground recently described it as being something completely different to what it is now.

To be honest I think that I just produce and DJ House Music that is influenced by and respects Soul, Disco & Funk. My tracks got put into the Deep House genre by Beatport!I actually do think that there was a ‘Deep House’ movement for the last 4-5 years but it kind of ended when one side went all Tech-House & Techno and the other side moved more commercial and ‘tropical’! I just kept and will keep doing what I have always done. 

You can catch PDM playing at Standon Calling this July, check it out here.