An interview with Ry Cuming

This article was accidentally deleted at the end of last year … I decided to resurrect it because Frank Wiedemann has just announced a new “permanent” collaborative venture with Ry Cuming called “The Howling”

There is something about Boiler Room sessions that makes the invitee DJ feel the need to whip out a couple of exclusives … and more often than not post BR blues leaves Internet Forums ablaze with chatter as listeners desperately try to ID the tracks they just heard.

Dixon’s 2012 Boiler Room set was no exception… however, this time the forums had no answer, his closing song had left the listeners stumped… who was the wizard behind the acoustic masterpiece?

The concrete answer arrived a few months later when MutingTheNoise uploaded their video of Innervisions OFF SONAR Party 2012, along with the announcement that this was the official music video for Ry / Frank Wiedemann – Howling. It was hardly surprising that Innervisions were responsible for arguably the best song of 2012, after all they are the coolest cats in the clowder!

The real surprise was the identity of the vocalist – Ry Cuming; an Aussie singer-songwriter-surfer with a voice worthy of Orpheus and until now, no presence in the Electronic scene. Intrigued FluxMusic asked for an interview, and Ry kindly agreed!

So Ry, you were born in Angourie, Australia. How did growing up in a small town influence your musical path?

Gave me humility, gave me strength, gave me peace, to live by the sea, to be small among nature..
Everything influences my music path, strongly… i try to work in that way, with what is happening, strip away the rest.. being born in that part of the world is always with me

When did you first discover your talent for singing? Did you have any musical training?

Music training is loving music, swimming in it, being taken by it.. i always loved music from as long as my memory puts pieces together and calls it recollection. i dont know if theres better training in any art then by loving it… and i think talent for singing or performing in any way is similar.. nakedness, rawness, an ability to communicate what you need to communicate.. if you have that theres not so much more you need.

How does it feel to be away from home? Do you feel welcome in Europe, or are you still a stranger in a foreign land?

I miss parts of Australian culture.. a lot.. and i miss the sea back home even more. I actually live in LA.. los angeles, city of angels, and everything in between.. im sitting sweaty in the sun writing this now from California shores… land that gold and oil brought people to.. or that people stole from other people.. as is often the case in history.
Europe and Australia are more similar in a lot of ways, ways of the heart.. and i like that.. im excited about coming back there in a week or so, and seeing more and sinking into that land for a bit

Surfing is very important to you… how do you find the time when touring and where do you go to get some surf?

I spend time in the sea almost every day.. surfing, being… ive always had her in my life. shes the most humbling and beautiful thing.. Ill run to her anywhere i can, sometimes too desperately, but shes a big part of my life anywhere i go..

What sort of recognition has your music received back in Australia?

Ummmm…. ive been living in LA for 8 years working on musics and arts and life and all things… so there hasnt been a lot of energy there with releases, though i would like that more.. because i want to be back there in the not too distant future, or at least have a balance by running there, being in homelands where the heart settles a little, and play shows and write and record.. part of the beauty i guess is there is the ability to do that anywhere

You recently put out the Howling EP with Frank Wiedemann. How did you find yourself working with Innervision? What was it like to be producing with one half of Âme?

Friendships is mostly how it begins for me, with Frank i think conversations on Miles Davis and existentialism.. thats how i got to know Frank.. and the art-ship, making music together… well, that just comes with the rest… I wrote this song ‘howling’ and then he loved it… did a ‘remix’ that was more just adding beautiful things to a raw demo… and then we decided we should put it out when people kept asking him what is was when he was playing live…. i like that idea a lot… giving music because its wanted by some hearts… im really excited its out and people have been beautiful in their talking of it to me and around the place.. im humbled. really excited to have a vinyl in my hands, and now the digital is coming out too so all is beautiful to see that enter the ethernets.

What’s your mind set when you stand up on stage and get behind the microphone…

To be naked… stripped of ideals, of being ‘on stage’.. trying to convey heart and things through music, which is a really beautiful medium to communicate through.. ultimately i love to not have a mind set at all and see where the other parts of me lead..

What do you think of the Electronic music scene, have you always been part of it, or is it something you are just discovering?

I kinda love it! no, havent been a part of it at all really… was all grunge and things for me as a teenager… ‘electronic scene’ wasnt really a part of Australian culture.. but its all bleeding together now, all musics and influences.. and i really love that, and encourage it.. and wanna be a part of it too..

Talk to us about Berlin… (your free giveaway track) … What is it about the place that inspired you to make a song about it?

Its about leaving Australia in January after time in summer and surrounded by such deep beauty in people and the place, to then arriving in Berlin in opposite seasons, the middle of winter, and a situation of the heart i didnt really understand.. its about love, about disconnection, about growth..

Can we expect more forays into Electronic music? Are you able to DJ?

I love vinyl… more than any other way music comes, thats all i have at home, a record player… but my version of being a DJ at the moment is just picking up another record when that one is done and listening the whole way through to the next…
More forays into electronic music, yes, im back in Berlin working on new tracks with Frank and Âme in September… and more forays into everything.. please.

On one of your surfing excursions, a freak rip tide pulls you out into the ocean … Stranded and alone, with nothing but a (surprisingly) waterproof iPod, what song do you put on to boost morale?

probably nothing…
sea feels like home

Ry has also offered us this beautiful exclusive song to give away:

Berlin. – Ry (Free .wav Download) [Right Click “Save Target/Link As”] [audio:|titles=Berlin.|artists=Ry]