Spotlight: San Soda

With over 15,000 records in his collection, Nicolas Geysens (aka San Soda) is without doubt one of the most knowledgable diggers in the game right now. Geysens gets more vinyl deliveries than we’ve had hot dinners, and his eclectic selection of tracks in his sets prove just how many records he has to play with, ranging from Indonesian electro to central European funk.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that Geysens would have little time for anything else besides his obsession for crate digging. However, but for a slightly less hectic gig calendar this year, he has managed to consistently juggle his expanding collection, gigs, production, label-running and now his blog. The latter focuses on music from specific areas of the world, with Geysens providing a mix and accompanying words and pictures from his trip to the given location. For instance, his piece on Israeli music and culture published in May earlier this year is both insightful and informative, and documents his own personal experiences in the region. Given his taste for travel, it is unsurprising that Geysens has a truly international record collection, which is testament to his dedication to dance music. Next up are Indonesia, South Africa and Russia, something to keep an eye out for.

Alongside blogging, travelling and collecting, Geysens has a talent for production which, despite having slowed down in recent years, has culminated in several excellent releases. Whilst his production is largely confined to house and deep house genres, a wide variety of records come into play during his sets, making him an exciting talent to keep an eye on.

San Soda – Cocomo

San Soda’s only LP, Immers & Daarentegen, released in 2012, is a fine effort to create pulsating, rhythmic deep house and electronica.

 San Soda – Freedom Music Ft. Sean Haefeli & Mculo

His most recent work is a smooth groove-orientated light house track to create a warm dance floor atmosphere.