An interview with Viers

Leeds is an ever expanding city with a vibrant music scene making up a huge part of its unique personality. Many influential and breakthrough artists alike have dawned from the UK’s third biggest city and one individual rising through the ranks is Viers. A product of the house and techno that engulfed Leeds student life, after dubstep ruled the streets at the end of the noughties, Viers is now a certified artist in the genre. He has recently released ‘Freesia’ via Church and is more than ready to take the scene by storm.

How did you start making your first steps into the scene in Leeds?

I went to my first Subdub at the West Indian center when I was about 16 and the whole experience was indescribable. After that during college I used to frequent Waxwerks and Tribe which I’d say was probably my first true introductions into the House and Techno scene in Leeds.

With so many DJs adopting a house and techno style it must have been hard to stand out from the crowd.

You just gotta do your own thing. It’s not about trying to stand out from the crowd. You just either do or don’t.

Following on from that; how do you think Leeds’s nightlife helped you starting out as a DJ?

When I first started getting into DJing I rarely went out that much. I just went round to some mates who had 1210s until I bought my own, since then not much has changed really.

Your previous releases were strictly house and techno, but for ‘Freesia’ you went for a more minimal and ambient style of electronic music; what made you decide to go down this route?

I tend to go through a lot of phases when I’m producing, depending what I’m reading or watching. At the time of producing this record I was reading this manga called “Freesia” (hence the name of the LP) by this guy called Jiro Matsumoto. The manga has quite a dark art style and the main characters all seem to have their heads not quite fully screwed on, I mean Hiroshi Kano has full blown schizophrenia. So I started off just making the main loops of the tracks to listen to while reading it then eventually got round to making the structures. Hence the more dark, minimal and ambient sounds throughout.

You recently hosted your launch night for ‘Freesia’ at Bussey Building in London; how did that go down?

Saw Hedge Maze go wild and do his ting, I got fucked up, played some good tunes and ended up for the last hour or so going b2b2b with Don Found, Soundbwoy Killah and Apes.

Have you got any exciting upcoming dates you’d like to share with us?

Naked Naked release coming in October as well as a Unklone tune coming on Pris’s Resin imprint. A full Unklone EP is coming on No Logo as well but not fully sure on the date yet. Working on a few more things after that including another Naked Naked and an EP for this other Berlin based label.

Care to divulge any information about the release?

Bit more Tool-y and functional than the LP, more club friendly maybe. No manga or anime references in this one I’m afraid.

For you as a DJ and producer, when was it when you realised you were making a mark on scene?

Still don’t think I’m close yet, maybe that’s something only someone from the outside looking in could say. Maybe one day I’ll make a mark on the “scene”…

A cheesy question now; who’d be your ideal B2B partner?

Well I always enjoy playing b2b with Don Found and Soundbwoy Killah. I don’t think a b2b set is something two people who don’t really know each other that well should do. If you pushed me id say someone like DJ Funk or something, reckon that would be pretty fun.

To finish, who are you listening to right now? Anyone that is smashing it for you at the moment?

Shit loads of Gesloten Cirkel, Mall Grab and this group called Especia who are fucking phenomenal.