James Welsh – Craven


James Welsh storms into 2013 on the back of several successes with the likes of Wolf Music and hotly tipped Hypercolour offshoot Losing Suki. Here the seasoned producer checks in with Futureboogie’s 15th full release, as the label continues its heady journey from Bristol fledgling to broad and established homegrown go-to.

The ‘Craven EP’ kicks off with the titular track, a tight and skillfully crafted arrangement full of arpeggio-bursts and an infectious bassline that twists and turns as it tries to escape its filter cocoon. Floor focused yet distinguished, ‘Craven‘ is a promising opener and clear ‘hit’ of the record.

Next up is ‘King Edward Street’, an offering that crackles and fizzes away from the aforementioned dancefloor riffage into hazier, more demure territory. Terri Walker lends a sultry vocal snippet as ‘boogie-issue’ bass resonates along with a catchy organ descend. Perfect tool material to really warm yer cockles.

Bill Murray Came To My House Party’ follows and it would appear he brought with him a questionable guest in the form of mid-record filler. Perfectly inoffensive but lacking the character and diversity of the tracks it’s shacked up against, you could be forgiven for thinking something was a bit ‘lost in translation’ (sorry).

To round off proceedings, ‘Horse Fight’ picks up again with more soulful vocal chops and the bounce that the label has built its enviable reputation upon. As playful as something by Julio-who-must-not-be-named it’s just the quirk needed to wrap up a characteristically fun EP.

Perhaps not as deep or refined as previous efforts, Welsh and Futureboogie present an interesting variety of sounds here that prove well worthy of your precious ears/time.