Josey Rebelle and A Guy Called Gerald at Oval Space

On Friday 27th July, Josey Rebelle and A Guy Called Gerald grace Oval Space with an array of promising DJs known for their diverse and experimental mixes. MC Judah will introduce the prodigious pair, alongside Actress, rRoxymore and Danielle.

London DJ Josey Rebelle is already thoroughly well established. Her taste is broad as it is refined; her selection ranges from the heavy dub of Pinch, to the jaunty techno or ‘robot pop’ of Kraftwerk. Rebelle is a regular on Rinse FM, playing every Sunday morning from 10:00 – 13:00 GMT. Despite her focus on house and techno, at times her sets move into old school hip hop, electro and jungle, fusing the genres with joyful ease. Her fame reaches far beyond her London residency at neighbouring club, The Pickle Factory. She is well versed in heavier house and techno, having also shared a Rinse FM podcast with Hessle Audio’s Pearson Sound.

Heralded worldwide under the name A Guy Called Gerald, Gerald Simpson emerged from the 1980 Manchester music scene. He hatched from underground UK dance movements, notorious for championing early jungle music. Gerald is known primarily as a house and techno artist, but has been widely praised for influencing drum and bass stalwarts Goldie, DJ Krust and Dillinja. His style is odd and unconventional, with melodic vocals accompanying hard drum kicks, his album Essence released in 2000, encapsulating his idiosyncratic flair. At Oval Space, he will be performing an Acid House set, likely fitting the mood and style of his album Automanikk.

UK DJ Actress joins the roster, another highly experimental artist and founder of his own label Werkdiscs. Much like Andy Stott he often takes inspiration from classical music. He breaches into the ambient genre with discordant yet intriguing remixes. More recently he took Joji’s lo-fi hip hop song ‘Window’ and morphed a slow paced, rhythmic song into a layered pulsing techno track.

Fellow UK artist Danielle Doobay is also very much in the ascendency after being signed to Phonica Records. Having featured with Josey Rebelle on her Rinse FM Sunday slot, she seems well suited to the proceedings at Oval Space.

Finally comes rRoxymore, another well acquainted with Rinse FM and characterised by her playful mix of dance and rave music. Her style is understated and carefully constructed, much in the same vein as Lena Willikens, who remixed rRoxymore’s song ‘Ministry of Silly Talks’. The Berlin based DJ will no doubt contribute to the intrigue on Friday night.