LB – Superstitious Heart


2020Vision have delivered once again. Their latest EP “Superstitious Heart – LB” is an exciting collaborative writing venture between Victoria Hesketh (Little Boots), Maya Jane Coles and James Ford (Simian Mobile Disco).

Superstitious Heart” see’s Maya’s production drift away from the dark club cuts and more towards the euphorically lifting production found in her remix of Florence And The Machine. Hesketh’s vocal fuses with syncopated synths, floating effortlessly above a thick harmonious bass hook, whilst subtle percussion amplifies the melodic groove. The instrumental version follows, for anyone just looking for MJC’s raw trademark thump.

The project has also seen the return of the iconic 2020 Vision partnership between Ralph Lawson and Carl Finlow. The 2020 Vision Main Mix throws all vocals into an up-tempo yet mellow groove, reverberating synth-lines bolstered by a rhythmic bass-kick mould the track together. Lawson’s Dooob Mix flourishes additional ‘Ooo’s’ over a grittier beat, and the Instrumental Mix takes listeners deeper into the intricacies of the Original.

Part 2 of the project includes an original track by LB, a Dub version by Baunz and a remix of “Superstitious Heart” by the infamous PBR Streetgang.

Whatever Sets You Free’ holds a hazy latenite vibe throughout, Hesketh’s distorted vocals and wavy bass tone impart a slightly psychedelic vibe. Moda Black’s Baunz twists out a ‘Dub’ version – a no-frills heady production for more euphonious bliss.

PBR Streetgang offers up a commendable interpretation and perhaps the strongest remix of the package. His take lowers the tone into a melodic smoothie of evolving pad lines, deep bass and layered vocal snippets.

LB – Superstitious Heart is out today on 2020Vision, you can get it here

The 2020 Vision Instrumental Mix is available as a free download via Ralph’s Facebook Page