Lewski – Mariachi Guadalajara


I’ve always been a fan of fast stuff. Fast cars, fast food, Fast and Furious, 2 Fast 2 Furious… I just like the energy in it. It’s infectious. The same goes for music. I think there’s something enchanting, visceral but also cathartic with pacy, energetic music. My interest was therefore piqued the moment the needle fell onto this EP of Lewski’s, a fairly fresh face in the electronic circles.

Mariachi Guadalajara, released on Or:la‘s new label Céad has a pretty blistering start. Zippy, with a Detroit-esque snare throughout, it’s exciting enough to want to move your pins about on a dance floor. All good barometers of quality. It has those hallmark industrial echoing bangs we all love, so little to fault here.

By track three, it gets pretty raw – dark, zappy electro. With a little call-and-response passage between a synth and klaxon, it punches you pretty nicely. This same motif is echoed throughout the track but doesn’t become repetitive.

To bring the release to an end, our friend Lewski really does pack a punch with the coda “Out of Ceiling”. This is a bit of face melter. With a pulsating, almost buzzing overlay with some frenetic drumming, the energy is high. This is the kind of bashful electro rebelliousness I can get behind – blow the roof off! The drums set this one apart; slightly muffled and slappy, it sounds like the snare is slightly loose and also filled with uncooked rice. Great track, great EP.

This is a good release from an exciting young artist, with great energy and a memorable sound.