Little Love – Primitive Trust


‘Little Love’ is the latest offering from Primitive Trust, a collaborative project made up of Will Saul and Tom Mangan (AKA Tee Mango). Following on from ‘Power On’ and ‘Fallen Down’, this EP is the third part in a series from the duo, containing a glorious bundle of tracks, including a remix from the almighty Floorplan (AKA Robert Hood).

The name Tee Mango represents Tom’s musical life outside of operating his streetwear label, Millionhands, which he created in 2009. The brand sells t-shirts for dance labels across the world such as International Feel and on the site you can find some with the incredible artwork for the Primitive Trust series, designed by Geoff Mcfetridge.

The EP itself is to be released on Will Saul’s own label, Aus Music. He’s been working in the industry since the age of 19, and over the years, has released in excess of 150 records both on Aus Music and his other label, Simple Records. He’s gained an impressive catalogue of artists including Joy Orbison and Carl Craig, and he is also credited with releasing EPs that have helped to break the careers of Midland and George Fitzgerald.

The pair decided to work together at a festival in Morocco and met up at Tee Mango’s Somerset woodshed studio to record the series of EPs, with the intention of just following their instincts to see what they could create.

The EP opens with ‘Little Love’, an enticing atmospheric groover that features smooth synths, uplifting harmonies and a groovy, Detroit-inspired bass. Tee Mango’s ‘Dub of Tejon’ takes the EP in a different direction, with shuffling chords and melodies creating a much more upbeat and lively atmosphere. The juxtaposition between the two tracks demonstrates the pair are capable of curating a broad selection of moods, whilst maintaining a certain cohesiveness.

Each of the EPs in their series has been rounded off with a remix; the first featured Skatebard, the second Shanti Celeste, and ‘Little Love’ is completed by a rework from the techno veteran, Floorplan. He puts his characteristic stamp on ‘Little Love’ by stripping it back to its basics, accelerating the original melody, then pairing it with energetic and cathartic vocals that scream out over the top repetitively, rounding the EP off with some fast, floor-oriented material, which is, admittedly, not Hood’s finest work.