Lone – Ambivert Tools Volume Four


Ambivert Tools Volume Four is the culmination of a string of releases on R&S Records started by Lone in April 2017. When the series of four EPs was announced back in 2017, it was put forward with the idea of being more aimed towards the dance floor. Compared to the joyride that was Lone’s 2016 release Levitate, Ambivert Tools Volume Four feels more streamlined, more focused without losing that essence of experimentation that makes Lone one of the most exciting producers today.

An ambivert is someone who displays both introverted and extroverted tendencies in their personality. An apt name, then, for a record which has such club-ready beats but which, for a casual listener, is reticent to show all its cards at once. “Pulsar” isn’t what one expects from an A-side, but upon closer inspection, it’s a far more rewarding listen. The drum loop feels like a slowed-down jungle beat, and the swathes of high-pitched synths sweep you up higher and higher, only for the garbled vocal sample to bring you right back down to earth. This is a track made for the bedroom ravers; it encourages introspection at every turn.

Where the A-side was perhaps the introversion of Lone’s ambiverted record, the B-side, “Oedo 808” and “Blue Moon Tree”, is extroverted in every way. With a bongo-like drum loop and an elegantly chopped-up vocal sample that arcs repeatedly, “Blue Moon Tree” was made to be danced to. Subverting expectations at every turn, Lone drops the melody in and out at the end, making sure everyone is still moving right up until he says to stop. Nowhere is this truer than “Oedo 808”, which has a lead synth that will send any hand punching up into the air along with accompanying shouts of delight.

With this final release in the Ambivert Tools series, Lone is making music for every type of dance fan: the loud energetic ones and the lonely crate diggers alike. He shows himself to be the leader in this dance, and wherever he goes, huge swathes of the crowd will certainly follow.