LOOP w/ Asquith and Andy Garvey

Somewhat of a guardian of transcendent, analogue and wholly unorthodox house and techno, Asquith resides prominently in the hot bed of the global dance music scene. As the man behind now-ubiquitous underground label Lobster Theremin, Asquith has created a vast and hugely respected distribution network that has nourished an astounding inventory of artists including DJ Seinfeld, Ross From Friends and Ozel AB – to name a few.

Way back in 2013, Asquith inaugurated Lobster Theremin with the iconic debut release of a new auspicious producer; the now undisputed people’s champion of electrifying house, Palms Trax. Yet Asquith’s talents do not solely lie within his ear for scintillating stompers. In 2016 he dropped his first solo low-key techno record on Where To Now under the enigmatic alias, Tom Hang. Following that he’s delivered a string of releases including his first debut LP, To Be Held In Non Position and second solo EP Never Alone. Cultivating from a bona fide multitude of styles and years of experience in the scene, Never Alone is a UK bass, garage and house infused four track EP teamed with a mid-Germany techno edge and classic NYC groove. The track NRG Mix exemplifies this amalgam as an incendiary and percussive cut that heaves from break to break with sporadic bass jolts and rhythmic filtered dub techno.

Asquith will be stepping out from behind the Lobster shroud and into Hifi club for a set destined to bring a world of underground, after hours excellence brought to you by contributors of Leeds’ diverse music scene, LOOP. Alongside the fabled label boss is a member of his voluminous roster with her Leeds debut, Andy Garvey. Thrusting an acidic style that bows toward techno and electro upon the Australian airwaves, Garvey is an eclectic music producer and esteemed radio host from Sydney. Listeners of Amsterdam’s Red Light Radio will be well acquainted with Garvey’s discerning taste and affinity for diverse local and international dance music on her Pure Space show. March 2019 saw the release of her debut EP Eternal Recurrence on Lobster Theremin which boasts blasts of fzzy 808 beats under melodic textures and a feel of expertly honed cyber-tinted production. Andy Garvey’s productions echo her DJ set, with relentless percussion, heavy breaks acidic synth stabs.

One not to be missed, make sure to venture to Hifi on 27th September to witness these two truly exceptional artists in all their glory.